Another Quick Post Before Heading Out

Have been busy at work, but managed to knit a bit on the Nordic Cowl.  Progress is moving right along – am more than halfway through the second half, so I guess I’m past 75 percent done:)! When you get this close to finishing a project, you just have to keep on keeping on. The Truckbeth Carbeth is still sitting in time out through no fault of its own.  I have been admiring the finished projects of others and am really looking forward to getting those sleeves started … and done. I just feel the need to finish this older project first.  I have never been known for following the crowd, often to my own detriment, but oh. well.:)

The sock has had a modicum of progress.  Almost not worth a picture.  Oh all right;) you twisted my arm:)….

There really is not much new to report.  Work progresses. I am busy one day and have some time to regroup the next – a good rhythm.  Music is complicated. Wish I had more to report, but I’d be invading the privacy of others and won’t do that.  Just feeling sad is all I can say.  The kids are doing well.  The DH and I will be seeing the closing performance of our son Danny in Long Day’s Journey into Night at the Everyman Theatre in Baltimore. It’s a long play, but I’m really looking forward to it.  I mean after all –  O’Neill – how bad can that be? If not for Danny, I swear we’d be illiterate – or is it degenerate? 😉 LOL Probably both.


Hoping to get to our Sip ‘n Knit group this evening for a short time between my visits in Dundalk and Ellicott City, so the knitting is coming with me:).


God be with you ’til we meet again+  


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