Shhhh it’s early…..

I woke up this morning before dawn.  Who knows why.  I am already tired, LOL, but have to get ready for work in a few minutes.  I thought I’d post a little update.  

The spring get-together at the Blue Mountain Retreat Center was wonderful.  I had such a great time with a terrific bunch of fellow knitters:)! It was nice to get away to knit, catch up on what’s going on in everyone’s lives and knit.  Unlike the Fall Retreat, which is organized by the Columbia Sip ‘n Knit group, this is just a casual weekend where we all pay a share of the costs, and contribute to meals, snacks, etc.  The owner is so nice.  You can see a picture of her in the collage in my previous post – she’s the one standing by her car (and dog).  We’ve already booked next year!

One thing I did this time that I usually do not do was to bring a few older unfinished WIPs to decide whether to frog or continue.  I made one scarf project into a cowl and called it done, frogged another and decided that a project I wasn’t too sure about was actually even better looking in person than in its picture, so I’m going to have to “resurrect” it on Ravelry:).

As soon as we all had breakfast on Monday, we chatted for a bit, then cleaned up the kitchen, packed up and each of us went on our way.  On my way home, work beckoned, sort of.  I visited a client who lives halfway between the retreat center and my home. I needed to interview his foster mom who might be testifying in a trial scheduled for the next day. Once done with that, I was home – and the DH took me out to dinner (YAY).  

Next day was spent laboriously trying to settle what had been scheduled as a two-day trial.  Thankfully, the settlement efforts were successful.  It was a TPR – termination of parental rights – and those are never nice when they go to trial.  So grateful! Unfortunately, I felt ill when I got home (not as a result of the dinner, had been feverish all day) and missed bell practice. Not so good.

Yesterday was spent scheduling client visits for the rest of the week and getting ready for the two remaining docket days.   

So, of course, I’m all organized and ready to go (NOT).

On the knitting front (how do you like that segue?), I am focusing on four of my (mumblety mumblety) projects.

The Truckbeth Carbeth by Kate Davies is moving along.  It may not seem like it in this picture, but I hit 15 1/2 inches and decided to call it long enough to cover the tummy. I am about to begin the sleeves – more “slogging through” more than “banging out,” but that’s OK.  It’s good to have a break now and then.

And that break comes by way of the Bright Sweater by Junko Okamoto.  I actually made a bit of progress over the weekend.  Am still at the side decreases, and about 10 rows away from the short rows.

Over the years, from time to time, I have bought or otherwise picked up (at yarn swaps, for instance) sock yarn.  This year, I am trying to get a few pair done.  So far, since Christmas, I finished a pair for my son, D, my daughter, S, and for myself.  Not too shabby.  I also started this pair (not yet put on Ravelry!).  The yarn is Austermann Step – it’s self-striping superwash wool in lovely greens.  I think I’m keeping this pair, too. We’ll see;)…..

Finally, there’s this little beauty, the Nordic Cowl by Wendy D. Johnson.  Don’t you love it when you pick up an unfinished project and you realize you are further along than you thought?  I am only about 10 rows away from beginning the second chart and therefore the second half of the project! Kewl! This pattern is very easy to follow and a great way for anyone who wants to start colorwork. Hopefully, I can finish this soon.

In other news, I committed to start the Bible Challenge – where you read the entire Bible in the course of a year. I’m already a bit behind!

Well, gotta go!

God be with you ’til we meet again.


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