Out in a spot in western Maryland, about a half mile away from where the Potomac and the Shenandoah Rivers meet at the intersection of Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, on top of a hill, nestled in the woods, is a little retreat center called the Blue Mountain Retreat Center. Groups of many kinds come


here, quilters, weavers, seekers of truth and…. yep knitters:). Owned by a lady named Beth Ehrhardt, a massage therapist, among other things,  the retreat center boasts comfort, cleanliness, one home-cooked meal served during the weekend, a spacious kitchen and gathering place, and WiFi. The surrounding woods are beautiful, and despite this weekend’s inch or so of snow, provides ample opportunity for a walk.

I brought a lot of projects along. Long-neglected WIPs (works in progress for you non-knitters
out there), and a number of current ones I’ve been slogging away on (can you see a Carbeth in the future?). Before I left for this retreat, while taking a break from getting ready for a trial next week, and by extension, taking a break from the Carbeth, I finished that pair of self-striping socks. In fact, as I sit here typing this, I am wearing them (well Hell’s bells, I’m not wearing those to work!).

We have had a great deal of fun, drinking far too much red (speaking for myself) yet getting up early to continue to work on our many projects. There has been WiFi, but no television, though a few of us occasionally check the weather and Olympic results on our cell phones, shouting out the latest win/chance of snowfall to the others.

It’s become a twice-a-year thing for me, getting together with my knitting buddies. And giving the Husband a break from me, LOL! I don’t have a lot of chances to get together with them during the week, though I come away from these things determined to do make more time. We catch up, laugh, share ideas, show new projects, tools, sometimes spend too much money, and generally have a really nice time:). They are all very nice people and to a person, each has a story to tell that is fascinating – at least to me.

You are out of your mind if you think I’m telling any of them. What happens at Knitting Retreat stays at Knitting Retreat! Well, I’m cutting into way too much knitting time, and tomorrow I’m back to work. Yes, it’s a holiday weekend, but I gotta get ready for work.

Outta here…. God be with you ‘til we meet again;)+


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