In Memoriam, In Joy


I posted the above picture back in September of 2008, accompanied by the following:

“After the client visit, I stopped in at The Celtic Knot Yarn Shop just to see if they had another ball of yarn for a project I was working on. I thought it would be a quick in and out, but I ended up sitting down and having a chat with Carole, the owner and a friend of hers – Anise or Aniece (don’t know how she spells her name). Both were sitting, chatting and having a little snack (and some vino, LOL). An employee was re-organizing the yarn displays. So, instead of browsing, we talked about all the different knitting groups, including the Sip ‘N Knit group I belong to, the local knitting guild and various fun knitting topics as well – and politics. I was my usual big mouth self about certain topics (you’d never guess what my political affiliation is, would you?). Turns out, we were all more or less of the same mind, strangely enough. And of course the wine they were drinking (no, I didn’t have any – I had to drive, LOL!) was VERY aptly name for those of us who like to Stitch and shhhh:).”

Actually I did have a glass  eventually –  and the spelling of this lovely lady’s name is  Annece.  Annece Perry.  Little did I know that I’d get to know Annece over the next 8 1/2 years– at sporadic visits to the Columbia Sip ‘n Knit group Meetup, at three or four of our group’s numerous weekend retreats, and of course at the Maryland Knitter’s “high holy days,” Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. After conversations in the mellow autumn sunshine of the Claggett retreat Center (our group -not a religious one by any means – took over the aptly named Doll House and another on that campus), I felt I was getting to know this remarkable person.  And like many of my friends from SnK have also said, I looked forward to getting to know her even more at future retreats.   As is often the case, the time was shorter than we thought.  Annece’s time among us ended on February 2,2017 when an aneurysm took her brilliant life.

I am still in denial.

It is impossible for me to believe that this woman, so full of life, intelligence, and adventure is no longer with us. In fact, I sensed her presence today in a very funny way. I was driving near the MD-PA border on my way to clients today and I kept seeing signs that said “Pass carefully.” Oh dear.  🙂 I confess I laughed out loud.

Before I embarked on my client destination in Harford County, I dressed in black and gold.  And knitting.  Annece was a Steelers fan and this afternoon was going to be a joyful tribute to her life. So I kept my coat on in that Raven fan home, completed my visit and trundled down the road to the celebration at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center, already well underway.  My knitting peeps were there, some with knitting in hand:).  Lynn, our founder and the force propelling  Knitting Behind Bars, was present.  Dorothy, our new Fearless Leader, and Ellen, Judy, Kathy, Carol, and so many others, were there along with her beloved husband, Eric, her sister, and so many friends and family, people who knew her from childhood on.  I went to a number of tables, telling total strangers – family and friends to her-how wonderful Annece was and how her departure has left this world that much darker and sadder.

When the song “We are Family” came on, Ellen got up with a bunch of us knitters and started a train of men and women, all races, creeds, and colors, dancing and clapping, one family in our joy to have known her and our sorrow to have lost her.

Journey in Joy, dear friend. When it’s my time, I hope you will do me the kindness of stopping by, saying hello, and sharing the wonders you have learned.  And please bring yarn:)XXOO

God be with you’til we meet again. +



Published by fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam, In Joy

  1. How I envy you your plethora of yarn shops. I sad fro you and the others who grieve your friend but I truly believe that she is on a whole different adventure now. No suffering and I assume you mean she has a stroke and died instantly? I hope so. Love as always, Colin xoxo >

    1. We are indeed lucky, but if we don’t continue to patronize the local yarn shops, they go out of business and we a left with online or big box stores.
      Thanks for your kind words, Colin:)XO

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