Blah Saturday, some knitting progress and a book review

It’s Saturday I am sorry to say I feel like crap.  The cold is in a sort of holding pattern; the meds are working to a certain extent. I sure don’t want this blog to be a boring rundown of the minor medicals of yours truly, LOL! Soooo… how about a short discussion of some knitting projects to date and a book review?
First, I am determined to get some version of this cap done for my son before he leaves for L.A., LOL! The yarn is Karabella Donegal and it was the HUGEST pain in the arse to wind! However, it is a nice bulky wool with which to knit, so I’m not complaining too much. originally bought this at Schoolhouse Products in NYC. I was going to knit John a hat in the bitter cold January of 2012 as we traipsed through the lower and midtown Manhattan wind-tunnel streets.  Berta Karpetyan, the very talented owner and author of Runway Knits, was enormously helpful and knowledgeable. We’ve paid a visit to her store each year we came to Manhattan-my own little yarn pilgrimage of a sort. She has quite an assortment of yarns on skeins and cones from all over the world.  Time being what it is when it comes to a knitting project and John’s general avoidance of hats (the most he’ll ever wear is a baseball cap and how in blazes does THAT keep the ears warm I’d like to know!), the yarn sat in my unusual skeins box until now. I started the cap, but the ribbing was really not head-hugging enough, so I frogged it and will start again with smaller needles, THEN go to the US 10s/6.5 mm size for the crown part.
Am also still working on the Little Wave Cardigan for S, the Penultimate Adult. The colors in the photo below are a bit distorted – it’s all one orangey-goldish color. The bizarre looking holes near the ribbing with stitches on waste yarn are stitches saved for the pockets once I’m done.  The sleeves are already finished so I won’t have that to worry about when the body – which is worked in one piece and then joined with the sleeves in a yoke for the shoulders and neck – is finished.  Since posting this picture, I have gotten a couple more inches done.  12 more to go:).
The Knitting Retreat our Columbia Sip ‘n Knit had at the Claggett Center out in Buckeystown, Merlin, had a few corporate sponsors.  One of them, the Knitting Boutique, in Glen Burnie, Merlin, was particularly generous, giving each of us a skein of lovely lace yarn.  Mine was a beautiful pale greenish yellow. I have it wound and ready in a kit to knit a beautiful shawl. My travels one Saturday took me not far from the area, so I thought I’d take a look, go in, and thank them for their sponsorship.  Totally out of character for me, I did not buy any yarn on that trip – I have a lot and they had increased my stash by one more – but I did see a book for which I had a particular fascination and I bought it.
I don’t generally buy a lot of pattern books, firstly because I already have more than I could ever use and secondly, because I pretty much aspire to design my own at this point in my life. Let’s face it: I’m not going to be wearing any cropped cardigans in this lifetime;).
The all-star cast

Anyway, this one was a notch up from the usual.  Will I knit all the patterns in it? No, of course not.  Will I knit one? Maybe. This book is a collaborative effort of an all-star cast of designers, farmers, yarn vendors and knitters who have created a beautifully photographed book to celebrate the NY Sheep & Wool Festival, commonly known as Rhinebeck (because it happens north of Manhattan Island in the town on the Hudson River  known as Rhinebeck, duh….) Rhinebeck occurs in October, so upstate NY is in the throes of the peak Fall foliage at that time.  In this book, we are treated to designs by Ysolda Teague, Cheryl Burke, Mary-Heather Cogar, Pamela Wynne, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Melissa Wehrle, Laura Nelkin, and some of my favorites: Mary Jane Mucklestone, Gudrun Johnston, Thea Colman, Connie Chang Chinchio and Amy Herzog.  In addition, we get to hear from Shelridge Yarns, Green Mountain Spinnery, Foxhill Farm, Miss Babs, Briar Rose Fibers, Bartlettyarns, Jill Draper, Bijou Basin, Fiber Optic, and a place I visited exactly a year ago today and of which I still have very fond memories: the Verdant Gryphon.  After an Introduction by Ysolda, we have Clara Parkes’ imprimatur  – or is it nihil obstat?;) of a Preface and we are on our way to some lovely photography to complement some interesting interviews and lovely knitting patterns.

I’d say it was worth the trip to Glen Burnie:) for me and possibly a reason to go to Rhinebeck some day and see what all the fuss is about. But Merlin has quite the respectable Sheep and Wool herself, you know:)
Well folks, that’s all I have for now.  Until later,
God be with you ’til we meet again:)+


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3 thoughts on “Blah Saturday, some knitting progress and a book review

  1. I envy your ability tobe able to visit excellent yanr shops. They are are here. Yes, we can buy welll online but it isn’t the same as touching and feeling and the sheer thrilll of being surrrounded by real yarn. The ‘net is just not the same. I can spend hours in a shop. Mind I cna spend hours on the net tooo. I have recentlyy been buying clothes off the net and it has been hit and misss regarding size. I mean a 42r is a 42r right? Well, no it’s noit. It depends who the designer is and some thiunk a 42r is a 38r. The skinnny boy fashion is back and as assoon as it effs off the bettter as far as I am concerence. After alll how many skinny boys can affford $1000 for a jacket? Am I naive and missing the obvious? What? It makes no snese to me just abut as much sense as skinnny fit trousers in a 40″ waist.

    1. Colin, I feel yer pain, though some might argue that you’re a “skinny boy” of sorts. I wonder what those sellers are thinking-either (1) let’s make the smaller underweight fellas feel better about themselves and/or (2) let’s encourage anorexia and self doubt in the perfectly normal ones? (1) would at least be kind, but I fear it’s (2) better for business (sigh).

      1. The no idea how they are making any money. Even amongst the very young there are very few 24 2628 inch waist young men. Have you noticed though that the models are very tall and skinny and the close they are modelling do not fit them. Perhaps that is the whole point and that the fashion is wearing clothes that do not fit. Equally stupid as the wearing the genes just below the buttocks.
        I have still managed clothes that that fit me and of course our different! Heaven forbid that I should look ordinary! In all honesty I wear what I really like to wear and the fact that it is eccentric and very noticeable took me a while to realise why people were looking at me. I’m trying to say that I’m dressing for myself and not for the responses I get.

        I love to dress up and I love my footwear. I now even design my own footwear and have them made by a person who make shoes (I have no idea what they are called. They are not cobblers because cobblers fix shoes they don’t make them.) Anyway that is rather fun and it is surprisingly inexpensive. They have leather soles as well which are difficult to get here in Britain now unless you are willing to pay a couple of hundred pounds for a pair. I personally think John should pay that for a pair of leather shoes with leather soles. They will last him but he has a real problem with spending a large amount of money on himself. Yet he will pay more than that for a shirt or a jacket for me.

        He has just bought me for £2000 a new wheelchair. It has a pilot seat and it has six wheels and it can turn with in its own space 360°. The middle wheels are about a foot high and the front and back wheels are half that. There is no way I could fall over in this as I did in the other one which had I not been wearing a shopping bag that was full on the back of the seat my head would have hit the concrete. I will not have this wheelchair until April 14 when I get my new Galaxy and it will all be fitted out with the crane that will enable us to get the chair in and out of the car. The chair will be in the car as well. I am really looking forward to April 14! anyway this is just another example of how good he is to me. Much to my surprise I have chosen old white Galaxy and the side and rear windows are blacked out which is necessary for transporting the dogs to and from shows especially from during the summer even though we have air conditioning. From an aesthetic point of view I think it is lovely. Apart from the wheelchair and the crying we do not pay for the car the government supply the car because of my disabilities and it is changed every three years and I can have any model I like although there are some models that are not available like for example the model just above the one that I’m having but I really do not want leather seats anyway!

        I had no idea this was Be such a long response but there we are it gives you something to do! Love you.

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