Cloudy with a chance of Green

This is an example of how green it gets in Merlin in June- especially when it’s cloudy and the humidity is in the ’bout ready to rain range. I took this picture a lifetime ago in the woods somewhere near old Ellicott City on a June afternoon.

Today was a fairly quiet day.  Had only one hearing in court and then a client visit with a delightful little guy, then home to do paperwork. The evening was spent doing music:) Played flute and then sang with the choir for a special service this coming Sunday. Normally we don’t do as much in the summer, since the choir doesn’t sing again on a regular basis until September, but our feast day is celebrated this Sunday (the real date is December 23rd, which means we wait, LOL:)).


Anyway, I have made some progress on Rosemary Hill’s “A Mysterious Shawl” and am now at Clue number 3 of 5.  




Well, off to do a little knitting before I head into lights out.

God be with you ’til we meet again+


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