It’s a Mystery

Back when I was in college and taking theology classes and in the process of joining the

Catholic Church (before I became a reprobate), I would ask for an explanation of the nature of the Eucharist and later, the Trinity.  The response would invariably begin with “It’s a mystery.” Lately I’ve been debating the existence of the Trinity with someone who posits the theory that the entire belief system of mainstream Xianity on that topic is the result of which faction had more armed power and could enforce their particular point of view; that Truth should not be based upon such things.   

Although she has a point, I don’t intend to write about that here. My “mysteries” are far more mundane. It seems I’ve been doing a lot of Mystery Shawl knitting recently, in addition to the ones that are still sitting in the project boxes upstairs in the stash dungeon room. It started with Rosemary Hill’s A Mysterious Shawl.  I’m knitting it in a lovely skein of Uhuru in all sorts of petty pinks and reds. However far it goes, how can I not love it?


Then I decided to get going on the Spring Mystery Shawl 2013 KAL – another Renee Leverington piece of magickal loveliness:).  I’ve gone a bit further into this pattern – have hit Clue 3 – and am hoping once blocked it will look a lot less chaotic!:) The use of nupps instead of beads I’m sure will make it look a LOT different. But it’s fun to knit:)!


The fourth one I mentioned in my last post.  It’s Wendy Johnson of ‘s summer 2013 KAL and so far it’s my favorite – will tell you why in a second. I have finished Clue No. 1 already and am so proud of myself – I sure hope the next one isn’t a humdinger, LOL:)! You know – where you now have eight yards of nothing but stockinette to do?

What I love about the construction of this shawl is that Wendy has you cast on the outer edge of the shawl.  You knit the big numbers at the beginning, but then you decrease every other row ever so slightly, but it makes a difference over time. Now THIS is the way I like to design my shawls.  You cast on at the beginning when your enthusiasm is greatest and then, as it begins to wane, you are decreasing every other row.  Eventually, your initial enthusiasm pays off, because you’ll be able to move at a much faster rate as your rows get shorter. 

Finally, while I was twiddling my thumbs after finishing the edging/beginning/Clue #1 on Wendy’s shawl-along, I decided to cast on yet another mystery shawl: the Leaf Evolution Shawl Mystery KA by Tetiana Otruta. At first I foolishly thought she had discarded the earlier clues, but I finally (DUH!) figured out that each clue is tacked on to the end of the one before it, so that when you do get the last clue, all the other ones are included in the pattern!:)

So far so good. I love the yarn for this one as well – some Glenfidditch yarn bought from the Merlin Sheep and Wool Festival about a month ago.

Well dear readers, the night is getting old and I’m already there.  Didn’t get much in the way of sleep last night, so I’m calling it a day.

God be with you ’til we meet again.+


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