Sitting at the Crush Cafe, Minding My Own Business

Doing an I-cord cast-on for a Prayer Shawl I decided to try my hand at designing. If it turns out OK, I’ll have it here as a free pattern. I got the yarn last week on a trip to Cloverhill Yarns to get a circular needle for another project. A woman was donating the yarn for a prayer Shawl and I offered to make one, so I left the store with a new Addi Turbo Lace, size US 8, 40″ circulars and 4 skeins of this lovely tweedy orange yarn. Fun for Fall:). After all, one cannot have too many worthwhile projects on the knitting front, can one?

My plan is a triangular shawl starting at the top long edge with icord on all three sides, cabled bit in the middle flanked by alternating sections of gull lace, stocking or stockinette stitch – depending on your side of the pond, checkerboard, and feather and fan, divided by 4 rows of garter stitch. Working decreases into these various stitch patterns and figuring out a beginning stitch count with some sort of common denominator are my two biggest challenges. Will keep you all in the loop as I try this thing. As you can see, I haven’t gotten far, since the I-cord cast-on takes a little time, though it is easy peasy:)!


To bring things up to date, since we last met, I have been getting to all my fun extra-curricular activities, working of course, and plodding along on this “planet earth, our island home.” Wednesday, I had dinner and a nice chat with a friend who is visiting her brother- another friend. That was a lot of fun. Thursday and Friday were two somewhat hectic court days, but I did manage to get to Choir
practice- could not make knitting at the Sip ‘n Knit this week though!
Friday after court it was all I could do to have dinner a glass o’ vino and it was bedtime! Saturday I worked a bit, did some visits and home again.
Yesterday was a beautiful day- just perfect weather- as it has been all four years we’ve done it- for our parish’s One Service- where the different congregations come together outside for a service, combing musical groups and styles and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine together. A friend saw a hawk circling the sky during Communion and was very moved by it. It was a lovely time.

Afterwards, we had our annual Parish Fair at which I manned the Stephen Ministry table, sipped coffee and bought our truly beautiful parish cookbook. I will post pictures of this later- it was truly professionally done!
As soon as that was over, I hightailed it home so we could leave for DC, first to drop S off at her place and second to see our son Danny Gavigan in his latest play, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

at Bethesda’s Roundhouse Theater. The play is both very dark and very funny and the production was excellent. I know, it’s true, I’m his mother, but I know he’s doing well when I see him act and I forget that fact. And this was a good production. If you live in the area, you should definitely go see it. Danny’s the Marine in the middle in the ad above. But don’t take my word for it. The Washington Post agrees with me:)!
Afterwards, there was a short q&a discussion with the actors and staff from Roundhouse, then Danny, John, Dan’s significant other, so-much-more-than-girlfriend Casie, and I toddled off to a nice dinner a few blocks away. It was great spending time with both of them.

Weight Loss

My weight loss has slowed down to a crawl and I’d like to lose anther 25-40 lbs, but I’m not complaining:) So far the total stands at 130 lbs (that’s 9 stone 4lbs for you Brits). I’ve lost a lot of inches and my body is a bit of a mushy mess, but I have zero regrets about having had the surgery except perhaps that I wish I’d had it sooner:)!


I have been really focusing on the Eadon cardigan. Both sleeves are done and I decided to knit the fronts and back together in one piece. It’s taking awhile, but it’s a fun pattern, do I don’t mind. The second sleeve on the Breckon is begun but awaiting the finish of Eadon.

This Saturday will be our Yarn Swap and I cannot wait:)!!

I will write again soon, dear friends. Until then,

God be with you ’til we meet again+

Location:W Pennsylvania Ave,Towson,United States


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