Heresy!! Or WWAD?

Here I sit, (my newly trimmed-down behind exceedingly sore on the stone bench) near the lovely fountain outside the Baltimore County courthouse. I am waiting for the afternoon docket and it’s the loveliest August day I’ve ever seen! It has to be about 65 degrees F – glad to have my jacket on!

The morning’s docket was fairly uneventful except the Master (they preside over our hearings unless there’s a problem) seemed to be ill. Never saw so many recesses in my life. Poor guy!

This afternoon is anybody’s guess–sigh. Well I’m not talking about my cases- then I’d be down to .5 readers,LOL!
This morning was an early wake up- John and I took the grandgirls to a local Residence Inn for their last possible overnight of the summer. The idea was that they and John would head to the hotel pool this morning, their mom or dad would pick them up from our house at about midday, and then John would put the finishing touches on the house for our home inspection this evening. Hopefully I’ll get home in time to lend him a hand.

But I digress, dear 2.5. Yea verily I have committed heresy, yes heresy of the worst kind! And I am unrepentant!!
I am knitting a Starmore Sweater in (GASP!!) Acrylic!!!

Why oh why have I gone so far astray you might ask. And What Would Alice Do (WWAD)? I don’t know if the amazingly talented Ms. Starmore has a young adult son, but my dear only-begotten throws his sweaters in the wash. I am not about to make the effort to knit a lovely Starmore Aranmor only to have it turned into a doll’s sweater! Hence my unrepentant nature. But fear not, dear 2.5, I am doing penance nonetheless- by knitting with the stuff that is really better for afghans and the like.

Gotta go

God be with you’til we meet again+

Location:W Pennsylvania Ave,Towson,United States

2 thoughts on “Heresy!! Or WWAD?

  1. Haha! I don’t know what Alice would do, but then again, the acrylics were not as nice when she wrote her book as they are now – and no one wants to wash an afghan by hand and block it, and a LOT of people don’t want to do it with a sweater!!!

    Sorry about your bony butt…. šŸ™‚


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