Shoulda kind of day

 It’s very late and everyone is sleeping, except for John, I hope, LOL:) The silence is deafening save for the clicking of the keys on the keyboard as I type these words.  I’ve always been used to living with lots of people, so silence bothers me more than it should – not that noise doesn’t LOL:)!

 Well, today was one of those “I was supposed to” kind of days.  But I did other things instead.I was supposed to review an entire file, but in the process of getting ready to do that, I organized my desk, which really wasn’t such a bad thing, but unfortunately, I’m now leaving that work for tomorrow and Monday and I won’t have as much time on those days to get it done. DRAT.

But at least the day was not a total loss.  In getting a lot of things cleaned up, I have a clearer view of what must be done.  I’ve gotten better organized.  Not as organized as I’d like to be, but better than I was.

As you can see from the pictures here, I have done a bit of  work on the Westknits Mystery KAL.  I like the colors I chose – in St-Denis Boreale, a fingering weight yarn in simple yet vibrant colors.  This is for me – it will match a sweater and skirt combo I have in mind.  I like the blocks of color in the pattern – they remind me of the brightly colored, geometrically patterned “mod” minidresses women used to wear in the mid-sixties.  And yes, it’s a mild form of intarsia (didn’t I just make that sound like a nasty skin rash or something equally odious?)

 Well yes, I did- because intarsia is not my favorite thing to do in knitting.  But Stephen West has very good and clear directions and the use of intarsia is not so difficult it would give you a migraine.  So I am being a big girl and finishing it.  Besides, I like the colors and the pattern is growing on me.  And it matches the skirt and sweater.  So why not….


The past week or so has been very busy and the next few weeks are looking to be wildly busy as

 well.  Next week and the week after I am to be

in a 5-day trial. I don’t think it will take that long, but you never know.  Because of that, my client visits will have to take place in the evenings after court is over.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of protein shakes for lunch next week.

When that’s over, I have two more cases that will be demanding my attention.  I can’t even think forward to September yet, much as I’d like to.

As alluded to in a previous post, one of our many moved into her own place near the university.  She has a lovely place and should be doing just fine there.  Our third in the Many had surgery similar to mine seven weeks to the day after mine was done.  She is having a harder time healing for some reason. The type of surgery she had has its own challenges, but in the long run will be a good thing for her.  It’s the now part that’s difficult.

I have indeed started one additional project: The Hourglass Throw by Anne Hanson of Knitspot fame for Jared Flood’s Wool People collection.  It’s in the yarn that was initially going to be my EZ Green Sweater by Sunday Holm, and then was going to be an Adult Surprise Jacket also by EZ. The yarn is working out well for this throw.  It’s a wool acrylic mixture and will be machine washable, so it’s the right choice. I’ve gotten a bit further along in the pattern that this picture might suggest, and it’s really lovely.  I’m not using a cable needle for the cables, thanks to Meg Swanson and Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Glossary video:)! And what a great amount of time this saves! It’s like when I learned to knit “continentally,” I was kicking myself for not learning it earlier.

On the weight loss front, a visit to the doc on Friday confirmed that I have indeed taken off 40 pounds since surgery and a bit more than that since my top weight.  I’m still at the point where my own clothes fit me much better and are starting to get loose.  It will be awhile before people see serious weight loss.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, my dear friends and some not so dear have noticed and have complimented me on it, but it’s because they can tell I’ve lost weight.  The major change in size will take a long time – at least a year. It’s actually going very quickly, but it feels like slow motion to me.  It’s been a real trek mentally.  I still fill up bowls and plates in the amounts I used to eat, but of course never finish them! I have to stop myself from doing that.  I have to be a lot more careful about eating and pay attention to how much fat, carbs and protein are in any given thing. It’s crazy how something you could eat one day can get “stuck” the next if you don’t pay attention, take your time and CHEW, LOL! I think I must have virtually inhaled my food before this surgery.  It’s easier to move and it’s easier to mover more quickly than before. It’s still rough to lift anything horribly heavy (but then, that’s like the old violin joke – couldn’t really do that before the surgery, LOL!). As the weather cools down, I’ll be taking opportunities to walk a few miles.  And Nancy, bless her heart, is talking about weight training with a  friend who knows how to do this!

In the midst of all of this, I realize how very lucky I am.  John and I have been through some interesting times these past few months, mostly unrelated to this surgery.  I cannot imagine going through them without him. If such a thing is possible, I’ve appreciated my family more and more.

Well, I’d better get to bed – have to do a reading at the early service and unless I’m mistaken, I’m playing flute, too! Yikes! Don’t want to nod off at the podium!

God be with you ’til we meet again:)+

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