Just another tiring tuesday (whoa oa oa)…

Man, I’ve got to get better at titling these posts! The picture to the right is what I did NOT get to do today.  No knitting, no playing flute, no doing the crossword.  I got up, went to a dr appointment, got an ultrasound done on the gallbladder, ran to court for three shelter hearings for five new clients, feeling like someone had elbowed me in the stomach a bazillion times. As I left court, the mother of one of my clients followed me with an older child and two adult male friends, calling me names over and over again (did she think I’d cry? NOT).  I got to my car and stopped and faced them.  They walked by me (thankfully).  Then I got in my car and drove the hell outta there to the office to finish paperwork.  Then a client visit, then home and then (happy sigh) bell practice:)!

Then HOME! As I type this right now, everyone in the house is asleep.  The dishwasher is hitting something repeatedly against something else. It is late. I even told an online friend I was headed for bed, but thought I’d post something since I’ve been so darn rotten about it these past few months and don’t want to get lazy about this. I have hiccups and my right side is still sore.  But it’s nothing a few ibuprofen before bed won’t knock out.

Bed, now it’s sounding like a really really good thing.

God be with you ’til we meet again:)



One thought on “Just another tiring tuesday (whoa oa oa)…

  1. oh dear! It did not occur to me that you would suffer abuse through doing your job. I can be so naive. A big hug for you my friend. It warms my heart to know that somebody like you is on our side. Even though I am now a 52-year-old man I still feel like you are championing the boy I used to be.

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