Snow Week:) and the Nerds Grow Old…..

Our son Dan is hitting the big time in Baltimore in a couple of months – his first Equity gig at Center Stage!:)

Snow Falling on Cedars

Mar 9-Apr 3, 2011

Adapted by Kevin McKeon from the novel by David Guterson

East Coast Premiere

Directed by David Schweizer

Against the backdrop of an America torn by World War Two, cultures and communities clash when a Japanese American islander is accused of murder. This hauntingly lyrical saga—adapted from David Guterson’s acclaimed story of mystery, love, and identity—deftly shifts from courtroom to strawberry fields to bloody battlefront, digging for hard truths buried in a forgotten history.


He’s going to play the guy who was murdered.

Cannot wait to see this!


This week was rather snowy – not exactly the “Snowmageddon” of last year, but enough to be a pain in the behind. Wednesday – which is usually my day to catch up on visits (now thanks to my co-workers I have Friday as well)- was just too dangerous to drive around in. Even the courts agreed because the courthouse was closed in my county Wednesday and Thursday.  In fact, most of the state courts west of the Chesapeake were closed on Thursday.

Strangely enough, I didn’t do very much.  I should have cleaned.  I should have done wash, I should have practiced, played flute, even knit more, but for some reason, I spent most of the time answering e-mails and trying to get some sleep.  Must have been fighting something – maybe a severe case of LazyButt or the flu.  What I did do was bell prax on Tuesday and Friday, I was a witness for a friend in an uncontested divorce case. Her attorney is a dear friend and it was WONDERFUL catching up with her and spending time with both of them.

Yesterday we had the grand girls and today my brother Dan and two of his sons, Geoff and Pat, came to Sunday dinner with the proverbial gang.  All six of the “kids” were here with spouses and kids, but one significant other couldn’t make it – she was in a tech rehearsal and then was going to go have a few drinks with her fellow cast members.


One thing I may not have mentioned is that back in December, St. J’s decided to update its parish directory.  Our parish directory has pictures in it.  This time, they arranged with Olan Mills Portrait Studio to have families, couples, individuals, what have you, to have their picture taken in the Undercroft.  How I got poor John to agree to this, I’ll never know.  And he didn’t back out at the last minute!  So now it’s official, we are NERDS! OLD NERDS! One of the pictures for some reason highlighted a serious streak o’ white on the sides of John’s head, giving him the proverbial, “Paulie Walnuts” look of the Sopranos.  Another one looked like a chunk had been taken out of his hair (it really hadn’t).  A dear friend of ours, Charles O, graciously photoshopped the picture to correct this strange thing, apologizing right and left, worried that he would have offended us.  As if!

Well, here’s the photoshopped picture (this is not the one we’re using for the directory, that one has me standing behind John – and NO, I did NOT have a knife in my hand!) Of course now, that we know Charles can (ahem) correct some photographic “errors,” we are wondering if he removes grey and excess poundage…. Thank you Charles:)

On the knitting front, I am happy to report that I finally got back to the Westerwick and, having cut my second steek, am happily working away at sleeve no. 2. No pictures yet, but believe me, when this thing is finished, I’m throwing a parade!:)

I did, however, finish the Terra and because I had to use it yesterday, decided to keep it – I don’t like giving away used things unless it’s something somebody likes and comments on (that’s different). And boy, it keeps you warm!

I didn’t have enough yarn to get to the second chart, believe it or not.  I think the yarn I used is bulkier than that originally called for, so the yardage should have been a bit more.  No problem, it was large enough!


Well this coming week is also threatening snow, but I do have to be in court tomorrow, so I’d better get ready!



Oh before I go, found out from Tom C this morning that Ron Mutchnik was pleased with the percussionists and we are hired for next year’s performance! Whoot!


Well, God be with you ’til we meet again:)!


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