Postlude: Just about the only thing I have in a size 7:)

This post is for Knitters Only:) As many of you are no doubt aware, Signature Needle Arts recently came out with their next generation of circular needles.  These babies arrived in the mail today:)

I don’t care what projects I have to do, I am starting the Cassidy by Bonne Marie Burns today!! I have the yarn, I have the coolest needles and I have a need for a green hoodie that fits (well, maybe not a need) and know I can do this!


Which makes my knitting self very happy!



God be with you ’til we meet again!



Published by fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

3 thoughts on “Postlude: Just about the only thing I have in a size 7:)

  1. Thanks for writing Colin and Joan! Colin, I will give it a shot tonight and let you know as soon as I have given it a real whirl and Joan, you are sooooo lucky! I saw yours I think at a recent gathering of the sip ‘n knit gang! Who knew a bunch of metal tied to a string could be so exciting? LOL!

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