That’s what I’m talking about!

Of course I think he’s just perfect and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.  Never mind the sweater that Gram knit him is just a little to big.  He’ll grow into it (with lots of layers underneath). He’s obviously loving the attention from his Mommy:) as Daddy takes the picture! But like most toddlers, he’s raring to go and get into anything he can get his hands on.

Just had to share:)

Tonight I participated in a mediation and it went very well. Tomorrow I should find out the particulars for a trip to Austin, TX, get my work in order, and get ready for the trip (i.e. ironing and packing).  Please PLEASE let me get done in time to make it to bell practice – I’d really miss not having any music this week. (Spoiled am I?)

The big question is which knitting project to bring along for the evenings.  Ah I lead such an exciting life!

Wouldn’t have it any other way:)

God be with you ’til we meet again!



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