MD Sheep and Wool! And the Blessings of Friends:)

Sorry it’s been so long since I last blogged, dear 3.5.  It’s been a busy time here at Chez FugueState. Where to begin? Oh yes! At the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival – well, to be exact at the night before Md S&W!

The Fearless Leaders of the Columbia Sip & Knit, Denise (ExecutiveKnitter on Ravelry) and Lynn (lynnz on Ravelry) somehow, some way, used their Amazing Magical Powers to borrow a friend of a co-worker’s RV and to set up camp just outside the entry to the Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds. The night before a bunch of our intrepid group set up chairs, a tent, and a free lemonade stand in preparation for the event.  Some of them even spent the night in the RV! Although I was not one of those, I did partake in a lovely dinner outside with everyone.  Unfortunately I did not take my knitting along, but someone else let me work on her short-row scarf (it was really kind of fun:)). We talked until it got dark and a bit chilly and then I was on my way home to babysit my grand girls for a few hours so their folks could get out for a bit with friends.  They were wonderful, of course!  But I got to bed WAAAAY late.  The next morning I had to make a made dash to get into my bathing suit and get to the Y for our first underwater aerobics class.  (A friend of mine asked me if that was a code phrase for something he was too young to know about, LOL!) I was surprised to find out that I really enjoyed it. Everyone kept telling me that I would be sore – but I really wasn’t. Who knew?

After the class, John and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast. Yeah, I can hear what you’re thinking – but no pancakes and I couldn’t finish what I ordered anyway! We then went home for John to go to bed and me to get ready for Sheep & Wool.

Saturday was only the first day of May – normally a temperate, pleasant time for Merlin – but it was hotter than Hell out there! I had borrowed my daughter, S’s car, because our other daughter – J – had taken mine to work.  Unfortunately, S’s does not have working air conditioning.  By the time I got to within a few miles of the fairgrounds, traffic was the proverbial parking lot! You know it’s hot outside when you drink about a gallon of water/lemonade and don’t have to pee until about midnight! (Sorry – TMI).

It was so hot, that it was truly uncomfortable, even though I was dressed appropriately.  But there was a lot of good news! I got and amAZing parking space really close to the entrance.  And I arrived at the perfect time! The Sip & Knit’s hospitality station was in full force, complete with a reception line to meet some of our favorite podcasters: the Knitmore Girls, the podcasters from KIPing it Real, Bark’nKnit and Guido from It’s a Purl, Man. Awesome! I felt like a fifteen-year-old meeting my favorite rock stars in person:)! Here’s a pic some kind fellow knitter took of yours truly with the Knitmore Girls (whom I gushed over like a total fool, LOL!):  Try to ignore the nerdy haircut – hey, at least it works for this summer weather! I met up with my neighbors, Pat and Bill, who were there with their friend, Warren and his mother from upstate NY.  Then it was time to walk around and see what was what.

One stand I really did enjoy looking at was Vermont’s own Green Mountain Spinnery.  They had some beautiful yarns, but I couldn’t get close enough to really get in and look at all of them.  Unfortunately, the buildings in which many of the stands/exhibits were housed were so hot and the air so still, that I was literally ready to pass out and had to leave the building.  I did manage to get a few canvas bags and a t-shirt and scored some lovely yarns.  Would you believe half of this was free – including the Noro? People were dropping off excess stash to our Sip & Knit outpost.  Denise had kept the Noro and then gave it to me! Can you believe that? I am still in shock! The navy blue yarn was some Lyra Cotton/Silk blend that All About Yarn was selling for $2/ball! They normally sell it for about $14! I’ve got some of these already earmarked for projects.

At the end of the day, I was able to sit down, work on a little knitting I had brought with me, and admire others’ acquisitions and projects and chat with my knitting buddies as the afternoon wore on and the day got cooler.  I don’t think I can ever thank Denise and Lynn – and Ellen and Kathy and Dorothy (Pheelya) and Robin and everyone enough for their wonderful ideas and keeping this group so together and enthusiastic! That little space to rest and cool down made the difference between a difficult day and a wonderful one!

Thanks, you guys:)!

The next day, Sunday, was a fairly quick time in church with the choir and then our annual meeting where we sang a hymn in four parts for everyone. Afterward, I went to lunch with Nancy and then home to dinner with the family. Not the whole group, but Kristin, Sonny, and Johnny were there with the “home team” in and out.

On the work front, it’s been a busy week – court on Monday, a TPR trial yesterday (which we lost), a meeting this afternoon for a client and then EfM and court on Thursday and Friday.

John and I went to a fund raiser in place of my boss and her husband on Monday night. (I kept telling everyone we were their spokesmodels, LOL).  Because the poor guy had to shave on his day off, we went to dinner afterward and came home and sat out on the deck and talked – something we usually do very well, but haven’t had the time as much as we’d like.  It was really a fun evening.

Yesterday, Nancy started me on the beginnings of weight lifting and tightening the core.  I had never heard of this before, having studiously avoided exercise of any kind whenever possible.  Seriously, though, this was very interesting – and she was very kind to teach me some of what she had learned in her own training over the years.  I am only a little sore today, so I think I’m going to give it a shot when I get back this evening from EfM. Thanks, Nancy – you are a true friend who has hung in there with me through thick (hmmm) and (not-so) thin.:)

After a week like this, how can I complain about anything?

And to the rest of you, God be with you ’til we meet again!


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