Happy St. Patty’s!

From what little I understand about the Feast of St. Patrick, it is celebrated far differently by the Irish in Ireland that it is by the Irish of the U.S. That is probably because absence makes the heart grown fonder and the poor folks who fled starvation and death in their homeland had a lot to be wistful about in the slums of New York City. My family was a mixed bag: Irish, Scottish, Dutch and French (Canadian). But even my Scotch-Irish (“Orange”) grandfather told me that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. So if I can, I’ll hoist a beer (or if I’m lucky a glass of red wine) to the memory of my ancestors who braved poverty, uncertainty, possible death and the Atlantic Ocean to make a new life on the shores of the land of the free.

As my friend, Charlene says, “Slainte!” (I keep forgetting how it’s pronounced! Sorry!) And I will continue to pray for peace in Northern Ireland. And I will wish all my Irish friends a Happy St. Patty’s!
It’s been awhile since I blogged. I’m not a hundred percent sure why that is. Work has been a little crazier than it used to be – I’m on the road or in court just about every day and I am having a hard time keeping up with office deadlines sometimes as a result. When it comes to knitting, I think I really just prefer to knit. Writing about it and taking pictures takes time away from that. But then, I get all sorts of good things from reading other people’s blogs that it seems selfish not to post and share with others. Right now I am working on three or four projects at once it seems:
E-Z’s Green Sweater: not much added since my last post
Mondo Cable Cardi: a little more added – mostly still in increase mode until I get enough real estate to cover this body of mine. But the cables are fun and I am looking forward to finishing this – the collar is really interesting. In the pictures on Ravelry, I have yet to see anyone who doesn’t look good in theirs. So here’s hoping, LOL:)!
Clothilde: a scarf/shawl (not sure how big it will become) for a friend on her birthday. Top secret. Shhhhhh! If any Facebook friends see this, don’t tell!
At this point I’m toward the end of the second of four repeats of the first pattern. As you can see right now it’s a fairly predictable pattern, but pretty. I am really looking forward to the edging – it’s quite nice:) I’m hoping to get this done soon, but the process has been quite enjoyable:)
Finally, I received some of this yarn from a friend whose daughter was “de-stashing,” some from a friend (a non-knitter or crocheter) whose mother-in-law had died, leaving this in her stash, and some left over from an ancient project pre-blog days. So…. I figured a prayer shawl might be a good use for this intriguing boucle’ yarn. Normally, I’m not a big fan of this type of yarn. It’s usually so hard for me to knit with, but the colors are lovely and I thought it would make a soft shawl for someone. So I work on that from time to time. I’m actually crocheting this one. Crochet for me is a form of instant gratification. Double crochet and you’ve already got a half inch of material. How bad is that?
Life on the work front has not changed all that much, except that it seems we have more meetings outside of court that take up more and more time that I feel should be spent meeting with our clients. Hopefully things will get back to some sort of equilibrium soon. Daylight Savings Time has not helped with that, though! We are now waking up to a dark morning and want to stay up later past the evening sunlight. I wonder what good this does in the long run, LOL!Lately, I have been sleeping between 5 and 6 pm to catch up. That will NOT work tomorrow!
On the music front, we are busy making up the practices lost in the blizzard so that we are ready for Holy Week. No problem. I could do that all day. But there’s a little matter of needing to work for a living – and neither my clients nor my family would care for that too much. Nor would anyone with any discerning musical taste!
In recent news, we had dinner at our oldest daughter’s house on Sunday after running around Saturday to see Dan and Casie’s respective plays – both of which were excellent. If you are in the Annapolis area, try to get to the Bay Theatre and see Mauritius – an excellent play about damaged people. Casie was a one-woman show in Dear Sara Jane at the Hub Theatre in Falls Church, VA.
Well dear readers, this blogster is getting her tuchas to bed.
Back again and,
God be with you ’til we meet again

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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