Thankfulness, I haz it….

Air America had a humorous list of reasons for progressive Americans to be thankful. Well, humorous if not a bit harsh, and I have my own list, not in any particular order of importance:

I am thankful for halfway decent health for an old fart – despite obesity and a love of red wine;
I am thankful for my family of individuals who still care about each other and for extended family who probably scratch their heads at us but love us anyway;
I am thankful for friends, crazy-assed or otherwise who have remained friends through the years, the kind of friends with whom I can share everything – they make life worth living;
I am thankful for music and having just enough ability to enjoy it and even make some now and then;
I am thankful for my wonderful church community, a community that welcomes questioning and learning in addition to faith and prayer and worship;
I am thankful for the choirs to which I belong; for the music we make, for the friendship we share and for our wonderful SWMBO;
I am thankful to be employed by a wonderful firm of good, decent and hardworking individuals, all dedicated to helping the best clients you could ever have: children:);
I am thankful for my clients from whom I learn more than I ever could have imagined, and for whom I always hope to do better;
I am thankful for seasons; for sunsets; for walks and talks with my best friend; for red wine and good food at the end of the day; for knitting, and spinning, and seeing things grow;
I am thankful for a husband who does far more than his fair share and who has known me for over 43 years and still puts up with me;
For my grandchildren;
For my freedom.
God be with you ’til we meet again:)


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