Noggin, Noggin, who’s got a Noggin?

Well, this morning has been one with the grandgirls, punctuated by blasts of potty training accidents, Noggin on TV and On Demand, (for which I thank GOD!!!), a Saturday Happy Meal (McDonalds) treat and general messiness ’round the house. Never mind I’ve got two visits and some serious cleaning to do later. I started the morning early; their Dad starts his workday at 8:30 and has to drop them off to us a bit earlier. After showering and dressing, I walked downstairs to unlock and open the front door to be greeted with these lovely sights: It’s fun to watch things grow – even for the second and third times. The weather we’ve had this summer and a moderately decent amount of rain has made for a very lush summer here in Merlin – in fact, as I’ve said to my friend in the Northwest, it looks like we’ve switched weather patterns for a season! I do have to say, we’ve gotten to be more Merlin-esque in the past few weeks with the temperature topping the 90s (Fahrenheit!).
But I digress.
While awaiting an opportunity to get some visits done, I have been knitting on scarves I’ve already started – with the occasional row going toward the fauxcable blue scarf thingie [ravelry link] [other blog link] that travels with me and for the Checkerboard Lace Scarf by Whitney van Nes, that lovely free pattern for which I am using Jojoland Melody in a purpley-green colorway. I should be working on Brie’s Buttoney, Dori’s February Lady Sweater or at least on the blue sampler baby blankie “for Gunther” [not his real name!], but these are fun patterns.   I love the way the green runs into the purple and vice versa – and the stitch pattern, although 20 rows worth and not easily memorized, is really cool.  It’s a nice bit of play knitting,LOL:)  This makes about three or four scarves I have to finish by winter’s entrance on the scene.  I think I’ll live!
At least I hope so!
Tomorrow Dori is hosting a baby shower for K and S at our house, and I’ve got to get going on a visit or two, so until next time,
God be with you ’til we meet again!

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