Facts and Artifacts

A bit overly dramatic for pictures of a mitten-in-progress, eh? (Hmmm, if there is a Canadian in the house, can you tell me if “eh?” is the equivalent of “n’est-ce pas?” These and other burning questions (hopefully) answered here:)
Since last I wrote, the entire family came for dinner Sunday night and we celebrated S’s birthday. It was good to have everybody over in that quiet time before the storm of a new life in our midst. K an S are due in another 8 weeks or so and once that happens, after the busy-ness of autumn, school, new activities, old activities starting up and then a new baby, life will be very busy and very full, not that it isn’t now!
Yesterday was fairly quiet at work and today was court. I write this after a fairly short work day – that will be beginning again in a few moments. This morning started out with what I thought was going to be a contested hearing, but was (as in most cases) ultimately settled. Sort of. After that, e-mails and correspondence and catching up in other areas. I am taking a short break to post. As for that mitten-in-progess, doesn’t it look like some stone carving found on the shores of some nordic or celtic country? Oh dear, there’s probably medication for this. I have made some progress on the first mitten and anticipate finishing some time this evening. They have been a slight challenge – had to frog back a number of rows when I realized I had gone somewhere the pattern hadn’t (like outer space!). Note to self: limit the red wine intake while knitting complex patterns).
If I keep up at this rate, I should be done with the pair by next weekend – and then will decide whether to knit a hat from Vogue Knitting – either using this pattern somehow or a pattern from the Fall 2009 issue. Such decisions!

Summer is kind of nice in that I am not running out the door every evening for an activity (used to be driving kids to their activities or jobs, now it’s driving me to mine, LOL). Evenings can be something with friends or family or most often sitting home quietly knitting – or catching up on work/visits. We are now pushing toward the end of summer and I find myself looking forward to the fall. Maybe it was the e-mail from Nancy today with the choir schedule for next year that got me thinking about that 0r the fact that we stop babysitting the grandgirls in less than three weeks. I know why a lot of people go on vacation this time of year (vacation – what’s that???) and I understand why. For me right now it’s sort of a mellow time of anticipation and subtle changes which I choose to believe are for the good.
Not being one to turn up an opportunity to join something related to knitting, I joined this today which is why I have this on my blog:

It’s apparently a knitting swap and mystery solving group that basically plays “Cluedo” (in the States we call this game Clue). I’ve uploaded a picture that’s intended to look appropriately ominous and creepy (not hard, using my face, LOL!)

Or do you just get an urge to clean up the mess you made? yeah, that’s the mom thing. I figured. Although I gotta say, there have been some moments in my life when Dracula was a far better alternative than getting in trouble…

Well, dear readers, wherever you be, God be with you ’til we meet again!

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Author: fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, gram of five (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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