Wherefore Bloggest Thou?

A month or so ago, I was talking with a friend about the whole Facebook, MySpace, Twitter phenomena and the business of blogging – whether it was appropriate for me to do it. I was concerned that perhaps I was opening myself up to situations that I might not like. I was worried that clients might feel free to openly discuss things that should not be discussed publicly. I started worrying that not-so-friendly friends/relatives/etc. of clients might not have the best intentions were they to contact me.

This is a friend whose opinion I value. Her take: it’s all an ego trip – an ego trip that causes more problems than it’s worth. After considering that point of view, I felt rather bad. I thought perhaps I should just shut it all down. And I did – everything, that is, except for the blogging. Eventually I got back on Facebook – if only to remain in touch with family, friends and other who are far away or whom I don’t see regularly. I also occasionally “tweet” as can be seen here and on my other blog, which is a mirror image of this one.

I didn’t stop blogging because, although her point about it being an ego trip, is undoubtedly true, blogging for me (and I expect for many) has a therapeutic value. I started blogging because a few years back, my older kids were blogging and that was their way of allowing me to visit what was going on in their heads. I was experiencing all sorts of things – with work, my spiritual life, and my family life- that were confusing the hell out of me. I figured if I talked about “things,” I could figure out a way to make sense of them. I wrote short poems, using the least number of words I could to describe what was going on in my crazy head. Those blogs are no longer in existence. Over time, I started blogging because I wanted to keep a diary online – a memento, if you will, of the times of my life and that of my family. I really didn’t expect anyone to really give a darn about it – it was really no ego trip, just a way to look at our life together as a family – and separately as individuals. (OK, yeah, and to document some of my knitting stuff, LOL:)).

A few years ago, I wrote about the fact that often people who cannot express themselves in person to others in their lives can often say in the written word what is in their hearts. I thought of W.C. Fields – the movie actor who was notorious for hating kids – and the movingly loving letters he wrote his own son. For me, blogging is a way to stop for a second, take a look at this life we lead, and try like hell to make sense of it. Maybe it’s a way for me to tell the people I love how much I love them.

Both before and after law school, life was a struggle – a serious struggle – for survival, physical, emotional, and spiritual survival. It was a balancing act and I was constantly dropping the ball. Never was everything where and what it should be. It is not hyperbole when I tell you that just thinking about those times exhausts me. There was barely time to communicate with my own husband, let alone to stop and smell the roses.

Now, I have just a little more time. Or maybe I don’t – who knows? But I do know one thing: whoever said that the unexamined life is not worth living had something ….

So, dear readers, take what you want from this and leave the rest. I love you all.

God be with you ’til we meet again!


Published by fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

6 thoughts on “Wherefore Bloggest Thou?

  1. I blog, because sometimes i am so amazed at knitting(and felt i had no one to talk to about it)

    I blog for me, and i am always pleased and in a way, surprised that anyone else reads what i write, let alone comments.

    sure blogging is a bit of an ego trip.. but so is putting on lipstick and make up!

  2. To be blunt your friend is talking bollocks and I would suggest it is she/he who is on the ego trip. Who else but someone with an over inflated ego would make such a judgement upon others?

    you are too nice Joan and are too ready to think it’s you. It’s not. It’s your ‘friend’.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments! I love what you said, Helen about putting on lipstick and makeup – for me that is also an exercise in hoping against hope, LOL:)
    Colin – thank you:) You are correct in that I tend to allow others to do that from time to time. In fairness to the friend, I don’t think she was talking about me personally. At least I hope not -that would be awful! I think she was talking in general. And like you, I too think it’s – what’s the word? – Bollocks!:)

  4. I agree with Helen and Colin absolutely. I love your blog, and consider you and Colin my friends, even though we have never met. I am inspired by your thought, struggles, and successes. Your blog is a presence in my life.

  5. Please don’t stop blogging. I so much enjoy your thoughts and hearing about a different kind of life from my own. I completely understand your qualms about confidentiality. I could write about a jillion funny and sad topics if I were not concerned about the confidentiality of my students, both as a matter of law and of damaging relationships.

  6. Joanna and Jane – thank you both for your comments also! I had no intention of stopping blogging – the comments of a dear friend just got me thinking. I think blogging for me is therapeutic and just think, I have “met” some wonderful people, including all the commenters here online! I have caught up with old friends and made new ones. The internet is like any invention: it can be used for good and for bad. I am so blessed to have found the good!
    Jane – I so get what you say about confidentiality – which is why I don’t ever give the correct details about anything regarding work! I’m so glad you feel the same about your students!
    Take care,

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