April Flowers?

Well, boys and girls, the weather in Merlin has been so strange lately! We have the dogwoods blossoming, the lilacs and forsythia making their way into the world, and the birds are tweeting their heads off, sans twitter!
But it is so COLD! Yesterday the view from my usual spot at my desk looked like this – until about noon, and then we had, if you can believe it, SNOWFLAKES drifting around! In April! In Merlin! Nothing stuck, of course, but it was shocking!
Today the view is more like picture number 2 below – cloudy, cold, but with the blooms of spring. So bizarre.
Oh well, enough about the weather.  I wish I had more pics for you today, but my knitting has slowed down somewhat and the picture of the sweater really shows that progress is rather difficult to gauge.  In fact, I think it looks like I started the ribbing too soon – yet when I hold it up to me, it works.  I think it’s just the width. This sweater is supposed to be slouchy and loosey-goosey.  To that end, I added an extra 6 inches of ease.  I want to get this done so I can in good conscience start another project -or perhaps even better, finish another one.
I found out yesterday that the only remaining hearing I had scheduled for this week was continued to next week.  So… I am free to knit – until tomorrow evening – when the Holy Week activities will start to fry my brain (what brain?).
Well, nothing else to report.  Will be back soon:) Until then….

God be with you ’til we meet again:)!


2 thoughts on “April Flowers?

  1. Wow! Your weather sounds like ours. Snow on April 1, balmy on Sunday, almost too warm yesterday, so today I nearly froze in my spring frock (a euphemism for my usual disarray.) As I was walking along, enjoying myself, I thought of you, our there doing good at all hours of the day, while I was lounging about the Seattle streets. I couldn’t decide whether to feel guilty or grateful.

  2. Joanna – isn’t it crazy? And please don’t feel guilty or grateful – about me at least! This week, I’ve done little to no “good” believe me! I was going to go out to my knitting group tonight, but bailed, thinking this is the last evening I’m going to have free until Sunday! Hope you are enjoying your day – you still have another 3 hours before it gets dark (it just did, here, LOL:))
    Take care,

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