Or so it appears to be, LOL!  Well, last night I did say “more to come” at the end of the silly meme I posted (apparently at the same time causing great annoyance to a few folks – sorry!).  This is NOT, dear 3.5 readers, a continuance of a meme.  I’m sure you know more about me than you care to at this point.  For all I know, I left the responses in there of the person who meme’d me! (Well, I probably did, if his answers were the same as mine were going to be!).
Anyway, last night I was really wiped out and that was all I had the energy to post. 
Yesterday was Palm Sunday – the beginning of the Xian Holy Week -which begins traditionally with a re-enactment of Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem and his Passion (suffering) and death.  My duties were ringing, singing, doing the Epistle reading at the second service and reading the part of Peter and “the Disciples” at the Passion narrative for both services. (I am so  bad – doesn’t “Peter and the Disciples” sound like a 60’s rock band?)
The choir sang and I screwed a bell part up badly – picked up the wrong bell for the opening line of melody – aarrgghh – but it was fine the second time around.
After the two Palm Sunday services, we had a rehearsal with the brass for our Easter pieces and then we were done.  Six of us went for a walk around the park afterwards.  Although I am still feeling the good effects of that today, I really felt some tough effects last night.  I got home, changed into a more comfortable skirt and shirt and sat outside, barefoot, sipping some diet soda.  I cooled down way too much.  By the end of the evening I had a slight

 fever.  Weird, huh? Although I’m a little stiff today, I feel a lot better

and hope to walk more as the weather gets better.
Thought I’d share some shots of my tidied up yarn and project stash. And now to some knitting and then bed.
Be back soon – until then, God be with you ’til we meet again!

2 thoughts on “The NEVERENDING sweater

  1. Stash looks very organized. Two readings of the Passion plus bells on Palm Sunday is enough to give anyone a fever. I hope you are feeling better today. Now for the really long haul — genuine Holy Week. I an tired just thinking about it.

  2. What a busy Sunday! Your stash looks very tidy. At least you have a place to put the storage boxes. I’m not there yet.

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