The Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times.

Boy is that one true!
It’s been an interesting week, boys and girls. My dear old Dad is doing better in that the pain has been alleviated, but he’s going home without a lot of rehab and won’t be walking unaided any time soon. My dear husband is still reeling physically from this latest strain of flu.  He’s pretty much working and then sleeping as much as he can, then waking up feeling OK until the coughing hits and doesn’t let up. The grandangels are doing somewhat better.
Today I got this lovely YouTube ad from Wow Wow Wubzy:) It’s good for Mads to hear this from her cartoon heroes!
Isn’t it sweet?
I’ve been feeling terrific compared to everyone in the family and, funny thing, after all the bloodwork and the pelvic ultrasound, the doc sent me to a specialist and at today’s visit I had my very first “bibopsy.”  Hopefully it will just tell me that my gonads are just overracting, LOL! Hell, it didn’t even hurt much! 
Let’s see, this week has been (with a few exceptions) fairly uneventful: Saturday, I went to my Sip ‘n Knit group at Bonaparte’s in Savage Mill.  Robin, one of my knitting buddies, had knit me a really sweet gift of a book mark, some washcloths and with really cute little bag to put them in (which I will use for my sock knitting -SO much nicer than the plastic shopping bag I’ve been using!). Aren’t they gorgeous? The washcloths had musical notes on them and one even had choristers singing:)! You can see the bookmark has “JOAN” knitting into it! And they’re all in my favorite colors! No one has ever knitted for me before  – what a treat! Thanks, Robin!
Monday we had our first Stephen Ministry meeting – it was great meeting the others involved in this.  We’re a small group, but it’s a nice one and that’s just fine with me.  Tuesday was bell choir.  Everyone was there and we had a blast doing the more complex Easter pieces.
And then came Wednesday.  I figured I’d have a long, quiet uneventful two-and-a-half-hour drive from Ellicott City to Salem Children’s Trust in Garrett County (the westernmost county in Merlin) and then a nice uneventful ride back, listening to podcasts, chilling out, thinking on the Meaning of Life.  
The visit and lunch with our dear lovely client were terrific – as is she:)  Unfortunately, there was a serious dispute going on between two adoptive families and I was in the middle (still am). Both are good people with valid concerns of their own.  One has and one will be adopting clients of mine – sibs who need to see each other. Well, I will do my best to make sure that happens, however it happens. More I cannot say, but the phone calls between parents, DSS and the long-suffering Court Mediation Office were tough.  But hey, it’s my job. What can I say?
Thursday was court, saying goodbye to a client who is headed for the Army National Reserve, then the office and home, then choir prax where we zipped through more stuff than Hurricane Katrina. Or should I say Hurricane Nancy? Today was the dr visit, bibopsy and here I sit.
I guess you would call that the “quick and dirty” explanation of my week thus far:)

I have been knitting.  As I triumphantly announced last week, I have indeed finished the Ribbon Lace Scarf and, since a birthday for a wonderful friend fast approaches (in fact for two wonderful friends – OY!), I started the Bacardi from No Sheep for You but after about 18 rows, realized I was not Getting Gauge.  Far from it.  The Recipient is not 47 inches around.  Not even after dinner!  So I frogged.  And, because my heart was not in it, I set the Bacardi aside for another day or another person (maybe moi – I’m not 47 inches around either – I’m a bit off in the other direction, LOL!).

I found some beautiful yarn called Solstice – in an aran white – so soft and pretty – and decided instead to knit this: It’s the Sampler Shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls.  It’s actually do-able for me – not terribly complex and knitted on the long edge, so each row gets a lot done.  I’m not doing it as long as they have it in the book (not enough of this gorgeous yarn for 86 inches in length).  I did some recalculating and I still think it will be lovely.  Hope the Recipient likes it!
The Daily Sweater is coming along! I am finally at the “shirt tail” section – the ribbing that finishes the front then the back (or is it vice versa?).  Then it’s the sleeves, which should be fun, since they start out at the shoulders and work their respective ways down to the wrists – decreasing is fun!  I used my own Top Secret and very exacting scientific method to determine it was time to do this.
Well, soon I will be winding up that yarn and hopefully have some pics of yet another adventure in knitting.
Peace, dear friends and until the next time, God be with you ’til we meet again!

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

6 thoughts on “The Chinese Curse: May you live in interesting times.

  1. I prefer uninteresting days myself, most of the time. Rachael and I have been under the weather too, and happily, it has been uninteresting.
    I thought knitted washcloths were silly till I made Rachael one. I realized they are wonderful. Much nicer than the commercial variety. Now we have quite a few.

  2. The blogoversary helped me to come here. It was fine indeed to meet you.
    I like your blog and hope we will meet not once yet.
    Our blogs may look differently viewing them from outside, yet we reap the same fruits of joy as we recognize ourselves in the eyes of others.
    Congratulations once again, dear friend. Happy blogging!

    Tomas Karkalas
    The depth of steps we leave in life is defined by our love one to other

  3. Your favorite colors are mine as well. How about that?

    As an adopted child myself, no sibs, I can certainly appreciate the importance of the work that you do.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments – Tomas – your site and your artwork are truly beautiful!
    Take care,

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