Waiting for Godot, I mean, Sears

Greetings from rainy, starting-to-get-icy Ellicott City, Merlin.  I am sitting in the kitchen, surrounded by the furniture that normally is in the living room/dining room/den, waiting for the carpet cleaning guy from Sears to show up.  Again.  The poor fellow arrived, got things started, only to find out one of his hoses had frozen and then burst.  So IContinue reading “Waiting for Godot, I mean, Sears”

By George, I think I’ve Got It!

Well, I finished the Financially Challenged Person’s Neck Warmer last night after a day for me of being work-challenged! Could not get anything scheduled, but I will continue trying today.  Perhaps more people will be home and/or will pick up, because I think there’s been a new memo put out in the universe – somethingContinue reading “By George, I think I’ve Got It!”