And The Crowd Went Wild!!!

Ok, dear readers, can you tell I’m just a LEEETLE bit excited about today’s festivities?  Well, multiply that by about 200 plus thousand and you’ve got a happy dance going on, people:)
Our TV has been on all day, scene from scene from the Inauguration playing.  Despite everything we’ve been through as a country, we have one of those three lasting virtues: Hope!
Now to less interesting, albeit colorful things (well, sort of colorful, LOL): 
Der Hut ist fertig!
Le Meret et complet:)!
The Hat (Meret) is done!
Whoo freakin’ Hoooo:)
OK, I told you it was less interesting, but I thought I’d post a pic anyway:

It’s still drying, so I won’t be able to wear it tonight when I go to bell prx, but that’s OK.  Tomorrow’s another day.
OH yeah, it sure is……

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Inddigo says:

    It’s nice haviing a REAL president again after eight years of that fundamentalist Christofscist cowboy.

  2. joannamauselina says:

    I left a comment yesterday and now it is NOT THERE! I don’t remember what I said, but it had to do with the hat being very cute and me very happy about our new president.

  3. FugueStateKnits says:

    Oh gee – I’m sorry it got eaten up by the blogster monster! But thanks for the thought:)!
    The hat has finally dried and was out on it’s virgin voyage as I visited clients today – as my kids would say “Nerd alert!”

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