First Day of 2009

Hello:)!  I did not sleep very much last night.  I had a restlessness probably born of too much to do and not time to do it yet.  I did not party with the neighbors, much as would I would have liked to do because I was not feeling particularly great, although this cold has pretty much run its course.  I decided to forgo the party (and I will apologize when I see them next).  So, last night was a  steady diet of TV watching, seeing the film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” – funny, but a little TMI in the sex department, LOL! I had a few laughs with our two youngest, S and J, and their friend “L.B.” and they shared some of their Chinese food with me.  Not a bad way to spend New Year’s Eve.

I also worked finished the Zimmerman Fair Isle Yoke sweater.  It just needs blocking now – and I think I will do it with steam to kill any
 residual germs my hands may have harbored.  Thanks to
  Gail G’s cheerleading, I may not have finished by Christmas, but New Years Day is fine for a close second!  What was interesting with the finishing of this sweater (and there was precious little of it) was the short row shaping on the collar which left the back of the neck longer than the front.  This accounts for the sloping most of us have at the back of our necks.  I use Meg Swanson’s 

modification of her mother’ pattern decreases, but still have some puckering to contend with in the blocking.
S wants me to knit her one of the hats fromThe Opinionated Knitter whence
 cometh the Fair Isle Yoke – The Opinionated Knitter is a collection of the newsletters from EZ’s Schoolhouse Press dating from the late 50s to the late 60s – quite a number of classic patterns!  

While waiting for S to pick out the skein of yarn she wants me to use for her hat, I have been adding some more “clickety click” rows to the Daily Sweater (that selfish project for me, LOL!).  (See, note on the sidebar of
page 44 of Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines).  By “clickety click,” they mean the row upon row of mind-numbing stockinette, but hey, it’s in the round:)  Eventually, you do

begin to make some progress.  I’m estimating I’ve got about 40 more rows before beginning the front and back flaps at the bottom.
And just one more time, I love the silly little sweatshirt tie thingie at the top, so I’m posting another photo of it here.
Well, I am off to the supermarket to see about getting a ham for tonight’s dinner.  I think D and D and the grandangels will be coming to join us.  K and S may come, if S is done with work.  We shall see.
Until then, dear 3.5 readers, God be with you ’til we meet again! 

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