More work to do – and this fellow says a lot!


5 thoughts on “More work to do – and this fellow says a lot!

  1. Oh course, no one who watches Olbermann voted ‘yes’ on 8.

    California is more diverse than I imagined. We were visiting our daughter in Bezerkeley just before the election and it seemed every yard had a “No on 8” sign. Of course, Berkeley is on the fringe, but I always thought the whole state was more progressive.

    I’ll be in Merlin tomorrow. Our son is moving to his first real job in the Laurel area. Are you near there? Know any good residential real estate agents and lawyers?

  2. That’s a great commentary! And California is indeed diverse! A checkerboard of right wing wackos, interspersed with pockets of sensible left wing wackos. And here and there, a moderate.

  3. Hey Mojoman – good point – his commentary reminds me of that fellow (heaven help me, I forget his name!) who said to Joe McCarthy, “At long last sir, have you no shame?!” It was rhetorical, but even though Sen. McCarthy couldn’t see it, perhaps the more complacent among us will get up and do something about this.

    I sent you an e-mail at your aol address with the name of a RE agent here in Merlin. What part of the state is he going to?

    Joanna – thank God(dess) for the “reasonable left wing wackos” of which I am a member.

  4. Thanks for this.

    Through all of the forums that I have gone to on civil marriage for homosexuals, there is only one person on the opposing side that ever gave a reason for his opposition that I felt was honest: He was afraid that if he didn’t oppose civil marriage for homosexuals, he would not get into heaven. All of the other arguments that I have heard always sound like they made something up because either they don’t want to admit that what this man stated is what they believe, or they don’t want things to change because then they will be on the wrong side of history and, as one group’s literature said, “They will be able to call us bigots.” (Like we can’t say that already.)

    The good news is that the tide is turning. Just a few short years ago, I never would have imagined this as a possibility.

    Sorry for the long comment. This doesn’t just hit close to home, but at home, for me.

  5. Please don’t apologize – it hits home for many of us. What a lot of these people don’t realize is that many of us have gay family members. Do they think that all of us suddenly stop loving our family? Not all of us are total creeps who turn on our own children. I confess I used to be a lot more ignorant of the issues that GLBT people face until (1) one of my best friends in college came out, (2) one of my best friends, period, FINALLY came out and (3) when it became apparent that a member of my family is . Suddenly a human face is on this “:issue.” I find it disgusting and appalling that we still think we have the right to vote on the civil and human rights of others. It was just that type of “vote” that “voted” in the Jim Crow laws of the South – laws that our Supreme Court ruled were ILLEGAL! I wonder how those who would support Prop 8 would feel if the majority of people in this country voted away their right to marry? Then you’d see the outrage!
    Uggghh, I get what you are saying about someone not wanting to go to hell, but since when is anyone in charge of the spiritual direction of another’s soul? No one is telling those churches who believe homosexuality is a sin that they have to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. What they are really worried about is that GLBT relationships will be “normalized,” whatever the hell that means. I have actually heard that from a friend who said she feels civil unions should happen but not same-sex marriage. To her credit (she is really a dear lady and a source of hope for the future), she was terribly distressed at the idea of Prop 8 passing and all those families rendered null and void. And I say families because many many of those couples who married in CA had CHILDREN. Children, people – children who deserve the same stability (given the 50% chance of any marriage in this country) that the children of hetero couples have. I’m a child advocate and this is yet another pernicious effect of this kind of institutionalized bigotry. But two people who love each other and want to say so with the blessings of their friends, family and community are a family, too.
    OK, don’t get me started….:)
    Now it’s my turn to apologize!
    Thanks so much for writing!

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