Late night ramblings

It’s been a little while since I last posted, so I thought I’d catch up since Saturday. Not a whole heck of a lot of stuff has happened in the last two days. In fact, Saturday night really became Sunday morning at which time (7 a.m. EDT) I toddled up to bed – and slept for about 4 hours, thus missing church for the second Sunday in a row. Got a lot of knitting done, though, LOL. In fact, I set aside the SOTS-III for just a couple of days to work on some other projects, one of which is a project I’m supposed to finish for the Ravelympics and is supposed to be a gift for S. And I’d like to finish up the Chinese Lace Pullover sleeves and finishing before the end of September. And I’ve joined the Mystery Stole 4 KAL (hmm, wonder what all my women friends are getting for Christmas this year???) But there is one light at the end of this yarn tunnel:
On Saturday, I went online to Ravelry – a great place to meet other knitters and other (often free and very good) patterns – and I looked at my “notebook” (collection of all my fiber-related info). Often when I look at the number of projects I have, I get disheartened by the “51” that appears in that slot. But on Saturday night, a lightbulb went on. That “51” includes my finished projects as well as my WIPs (works in progress)! So my collection of projects are no longer a silent rebuke to me of my obsession and wasteful spending, but also a reminder of some of the things (more for others than for myself — although it is a photo finish on that one) that I’ve actually finished, completed, am DONE with! So I really only have 49 1/2 projects left to finish – just kidding – more like 24 or 25, which is tolerable, although not the best.
If you’re a knitter, you know what it is that drives us to do something so ridiculous as staying up all night to knit a sock. I didn’t bother trying to explain it to my family – which is – save myself – populated by normal and fairly sane people. What can I say – I just had to turn that heel! Well, the first sock is done and I promptly cast on for the second and am now halfway through the cuff ribbing. Colin’s Bavarian Sock pattern if fairly simple to memorize and I’m having fun with it and of course adding my own errors, er … amendments to the pattern, mostly having to do with having feet that swell on a regular basis.
Also pictured here is a scarf in various weaving patterns, knitted along the length, crowding stitiches onto a circular needle. It shouldn’t take too long to finish that. Finally there’s the lace scarf in various neutral colors. All of these (except the socks – I’m going to selfishly keep those) are gifts, I think:). It’s a lot of fun to knit a weaving type of stitch with this variegated yarn – it gives the effect of a tweedy woven piece and it’s a lot of fun.
Sunday was a fun dinner for B’s birthday which really happened on Thursday. She found out she’s being transfered to a more challenging store and she’s tackling that task with some trepidation – and I have no doubt she’ll do it well!
Today was a typical Monday, except that I had court for both a.m. and p.m. dockets – and none of the hearings were particularly difficult. In between, I went to the office and dropped off paperwork to avoid the rush tomorrow.
Tomorrow the grandgirls are coming for the day and John and I are splitting the morning and the afternoon between us, with a little help from one of our adult daughters who works until 2. It’ll be good to spend time with them. Plus, some of the day, I can work at home making and returning phone calls once my a.m./noon meeting is concluded.
Next week, the grandgirls start before/after school care and daycare. I think I have more anxiety about that than their mother does! Letting go is not easy!
Lately, I’ve been staying up all sorts of hours. I don’t know why. It’s not as if I don’t know when I’m tired, LOL! I think it’s that childish desire not to “miss” anything. It’s also late at night when I can do things like sit and knit without feeling like a lazy bum (I do that during the days when I’m off work, but then I feel like a lazy bum, LOL).
I have not been walking for two reasons: one, work has been really busy and I want to keep ahead of things and two, I’ve been exhausted (see above paragraph), and three (wait I said two)…never mind:)
School is started at various times across the great state of Merlin. Locally, it starts next Monday. The week after, choir and bell choir start up and I cannot wait. In the meantime, I’ve been spending more time with John, at home whenever I can. Soon, life will get busy again and I will be running, let alone walking!
Well, I’d better get some sleep.
Good night and peace+

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

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