I guess I better just stay right here.

It’s really weird – I went over to Blogger because I could upload those nifty things to show progress on my knitting projects on Ravelry – and it is easeir to add widgets and things.  But I really feel bad after getting the e-mail you see copied below.  It’s as if I’ve done something wrong and, although I get that some software and “robot” technology paints a broad brush and does indeed get false positives, it really feels insulting.  I think I’m going to post over here for a while until I get my ‘sea legs” again!

Catching up on the past few days, after my visits yesterday, I came home and finished some paperwork.  After that, I went to my friends’, Nancy and Rennie S.’s house and went to see Brideshead Revisited  with them.  The movie was excellent – the story of course was terrific and the cinematography and acting were superb (inasmuch as I have any expertise in those areas, LOL!)  We had a lively discussion about it almost from the moment we left the theater until arriving back at their house.  It was then I realized it was 10:15 – too late for me to get John the car and the parking pass back to him before he left for work at 10:30! Yikes!  I certainly apologized to him this morning when he got home!

Today consisted of court in the afternoon, then two visits, one to three children who are going to be adopted by their foster mom this fall, and another to a young gentleman living with a foster family. Since it was already 7:15 when I left the visit, I went directly from there to choir practice.  That, was wonderful, although I wish I had practiced Lauridsen’s O Nata Lux at least a litt le more than I had!  Luckily, one of our two star tenors showed up and saved the day:)  The fellow who is going to conduct us – Dr. Dale K –  showed up to work with us on the areas where we so obviously need help.  Again, a productive rehearsal – and really, as he said “not that bad.” Hope we didn’t embarass Nancy too much!

Well, it’s getting really late and I should be getting to bed.  Tomorrow will be a full day: Court in the morning, a noon meeting at the courthouse about scheduling dockets, and court in the afternoon.  Then home to get changed (hopefully into a nice person) and then off to pick up Nancy and Rennie and take them to DC to see Marat/Sade at the H Street Playhouse where our son, Danny is playing the role of Mssr Marat and another former choir member is playing Mssr. Coulmier.  There’s an ad somewhere on this page, linking to Forum Theatre’s blog, I think.  Anyway, it’s a modern play and I recall studying it in German class back in the olden days when i was a German major at Middlebury, but I dont’ remember much of it – only that it was disturbing to me then.  Maybe I’ll have a better understanding of it now – who knows. Then dinner with Nancy, Rennie, John, Danny and Casie who knows where.

so, I’d better get my butt to bed.

Good night angels+


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