More Progress:)

The color is a bit darker – more like the somewhat racist color “flesh” in the Crayola crayon box:) It’s coming along well. I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere with this piece. Am hoping to have up to the armholes done by lunch time. We’ll see. I’ve gone even farther than this picture shows – so hopefully I’ll be good to go by then.
The grandgirls are here – anxious to go outside and catch butterflies – Mads even brought her net from home. She catches them, observes them for a while and let’s ’em go.
Am not getting much done this lazy Saturday morning. Once John gets up and takes over the care of the girls (I hope) I’m probably going to go downstairs, do some wash (yes, really I do sometimes do the wash – it could happen) and with any luck will have some visits planned for this afternoon/evening. I have one hearing Monday p.m. after a meeting Monday a.m., so I want to be ready for them.
More later:)+


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