Very stiff’n sore

But vaguely feeling awright – as they used to say in my teen years, LOL.

Yesterday I did not get much done on the work front and precious little in knitting, but I had an opportunity to hang out with friends and help another one – and finally to do something worthwhile around the house.  I did do a lot of catch up on phone calls at work (in my defense), but this week won’t be too crazy, thanks to the insane ups and downs of our schedules. 

After getting some paperwork done, I did a few client visits and then helped Diane and Nancy drive a mutual friend to the hospital to get some work done.  We all had lunch together and joked and goofed around like we were all 13 again, LOL.  It was a lovely afternoon.  After that, I went home, got changed and hit the Lake for some walking with Nancy.  Needless to say after two days in a row, I am very stiff and sore.  I keep thinking it’s the hips, but I’m in denial and I think I’ll stay there!

After walking, John and I had dinner.  He went up to sleep before getting back to night shift and I took the laundry to the laundromat (the dryer had a nervous breakdown – therapy appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon:)) At the laundromat, this one gentlemen was very outgoing and friendly to me.  But my creep-o-meter didn’t start ringing, so I thought I’d just give him a listen.  I still don’t even know his name, which is OK, I don’t go out looking for “friends” believe me! He is from Egypt, Luxor to be exact, and has lived in the US for 5 years now.  His (ex)wife, with whom he still has a civil relationship, is British-American and their two kids live here – one about to start college and another who is still 8 years old.  He’s a chef at the Turf Valley country club nearby and seemed to be a very nice man.   His family is back in Egypt and he’s been back only a few times to visit and  a lot has changed.  I told him I thought that was the way things were everywhere, whether you’re from Luxor or Lawrence, KS.   I told him my husband was in the hospitality industry, too and that I knew how tough the chef gig is – all that multi tasking would drive me crazy (which is why I’m not a chef).  We talked about the difference in life in the US, the differences in the regions – how in Maryland and the South people are superficially friendly, but real true friendships are hard to find, and the NYC metro area, where people are superficially rude and unfriendly, but your neighbors will always include you in whatever party is going on.

It was a fairly brief conversation – like many of the kind I have in my travels – but it was interesting and it taught me yet again how much we can learn from strangers.  It’s also one of the good things about being an “old lady” – you get to have real conversations with people because you are no longer a threat to whatever. Just my shortcut psychological theory.

Anyway, I also did some knitting at the laundromat, then off to Safeway to pick up some items on sale, then home.  The wash was a lot lighter sans water:) By the time I had finally gotten comfortable, it was time to crash.

This morning I slept in a little bit – to 8:30 – and then drove Diane to one of her appointments.  A fellow from choir (Bill) is going to pick her up to get her home. I have to get a visit scheduled for Friday and possibly over the weekend and return any calls that come my way, but so far, it’s pretty quiet.  Next week will be a different story, so to get ready, I’m heading for Staples.  Sounds crazy, but I have an idea for organizing my client info and this will be a good week to get it started.

This evening I plan on making it to the Sip ‘N Knit and hanging out with my knitting buddies.  Tomorrow I don’t have court, which is unusual, but I do have a couple of meetings – one in and one out of the office – and (joy of joys, LOL) choir prax. 

No complaints here!

’til Later – God be with you ’til we meet again!


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