More pics of the Goddess….

Knits Anniversary KAL*, that is.  The yarn is so variable that I think it takes away from the pattern.  But if I put it over a dark background, you can see it.  So I’m posting a few pictures here.  So far, I’ve done Clue 1A, 2C and I’m on Row 34 of Clue 3C.  I’m finally feeling like despite the distracting yarn, you can see the pattern starting to emerge:).  At this juncture, there is more knitting than cable on the circular needle, so there’s no more need for the “magic loop” method and I have to stretch out a section of the knitting in order to best show the pattern. (*Knit Along)

Friday night, I stayed up way too late and only got a few hour of sleep, so when it came time to babysit the grandangels, I was wiped out!  But they were wonderful and we had a nice time.  I got to bed early Saturday night and was up on time for choir Sunday morning.  Sunday was Rosemary B – our associate Rector’s – last Sunday with us.  She is a wonderful spiritual influence and she will be sorely missed.  Her background as an editor and her enormous talents as a writer have made her one of the best homilists I have ever had the pleasure to know.  Her new assignment is the chaplaincy of a school in Northern VA.  I know she will inspire the young people with whom she comes into contact.

The choir sang an adaptation of Pachelbel’s Canon during Communion and the beautiful Vaughn Williams God Be With You ‘Till We Meet Again as the choral blessing – a hymn that always touches my heart as I hope it did hers.  Later that morning, after the next service, about six of us went to breakfast and then Nancy and the other four went walking (good for her – good for them!) but I didn’t  – we were all going to Dori and Donald’s home for Sunday dinner and I didn’t want to be late.

Dori and Donalds’ home was lovely! They were so proud and seemed really happily settled in their new place.  I am wishing them many happy years there.  Even with the thunderstorms, we had a wonderful meal and the kids seemed happy to have us there. Madison was very proud of her own room and was happy to take us on tour:)

After our visit, we headed home and I crashed into bed.  This morning I hit the ground running and then after a trip to the office I had a hearing in court.  After returning a few phone calls, I went walking with Nancy and am now sore as anything, but it went well and it’s always good to talk with Nancy.


This week is not terribly busy – which means catching up on visits:) and paperwork and all sorts of good things, I hope. Maybe even a little knitting.

Oh, just for kicks, here’s the picture of the West Laurel Rag Tag Band. Couldn’t resist putting it here.+ More tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “More pics of the Goddess….

  1. Love the shawl. I haven’t started yet and love seeing the photos of what patterns everyone is using. Yours is great and one of my favorite ‘blends’ of patterns.

  2. Denise – thanks – that’s a great point. Here’s hoping, LOL!
    Gail – thanks to you, too! I keep forgetting which patterns I did – If I remember correctly it’s 1D, 2C and 3C.
    But I think if I have the fortitude I’ll go for the longer one in 4 – B or D (whichever has the lower number of shaded rows – I still don’t get how that works, LOL!)
    Take care,

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