Let’s see, catching up since Tuesday…. that little hearing I was going to have on Wednesday ended up taking the bulk of the day, so I missed out on seeing those clients and will have to reschedule!  The attorney for one of the parties didn’t show, thinking the hearing was in the afternoon (yeah right), so he sent an associate to represent one of the parents.  Needless to say, the judge was not amused and neither were the rest of us – but let’s face it – we could all make that mistake.  I made it.  Once. Never again, believe me!

Then, after a conference with the judge, some back and forth and another consultation with counsel as to what we would agree on, we thought we had an agreement.  When it was time to put it on the record, one of the parties (who shall remain nameless) decided to have his/her day in court. So back we were for a contested hearing, most of which we stipulated to!

Anyway, I had to forgo a visit with two clients, a very serious meeting with another, a walk with dear sweet Nancy and an evening with my husband. Such is life!  But I did make it to the Columbia Sip ‘n Knit at Panera and had an opportunity to meet up with some really nice knitters – like Jody and Robin (who doesn’t have a blog that I know of) and saw everybody’s project and had a chicken salad sandwich in the process (on whole grain, no less, LOL).   I started feeling somewhat feverish (probably because the night before I’d had no sleep to speak of), so I left a bit early.

Nancy called me from home, and we set up a time to meet and walk again the next day.

Thursday started early with a meeting with other participants in the Child in Need of Assistance process.  Believe it or not, attorneys do meet and get along with each other.  In fact, we try to collaborate as much as possible, despite what you may see on TV.  You may be surprised to hear this, but some of the attorneys I admire the most represent the “other side” in a lot of cases I’ve been involved in.  Sure, there are morons in every profession and I suppose the law is one of them, but most lawyers I know are really decent, intelligent individuals.

Anyway, enough of that. Thursday, I finally got home after court and Nancy and I had only about 40 minutes to walk, which we did.  Unfortunately I was way too slow to burn the calories necessary to help Nancy’s BS (NOT short for bull sh..) and I felt rather badly about that.

What I felt great about was the choir practice we had later that evening.  About 30 of us showed up for an intensive rehearsal of Morton Lauridsen’s Lux Aeterna.   This is VERY unusual for the middle of the summer!  We rehearsed two of the most difficult movements of the piece – very gratifying – and it was really a delight to see Nancy in her element.  She has a very good grasp of the structure of the piece and very carefully went over the Latin pronunciation, meaning of the texts.  She also obviously had done a thorough musical analysis and it showed in her commentary. She had us listen to recordings of those sections at least three times before singing. Thus we had a sense of our parts in context  – so much better than merely practicing one’s part by rote (which is what I would have done at home!).  We didn’t sound terrific – what first rehearsal of modern music does?  – but I have every confidence that by November we will.  I had a lot of fun, singing not just my (tenor) part, but the alto and soprano (except for the high A’s) lines.  If you’re ever feeling restless in a choir rehearsal, challenge yourself to sing the other parts as they learn them.  It not only is an excellent exercise in sight reading, but it will really help you to learn your own part as it exists in tandem with the others.

The choir is also singing on Sunday – very unusual (again) for mid-July! The reason? Rosemary Beales is leaving us.  She has a new position as chaplain for a school in northern VA.  She will do beautifully there, as she always does.  But I know I will miss her terribly – as will many at St. John’s.  She has been a wonderful spriritual presence here and her departure will leave a great emptiness.  But I wish her well and hope she visits from time to time. 

Today was a long day at court, but not a particularly difficult one.  As with yesterday, I covered a couple of cases for one of my colleagues, and one of my own.  Between the dockets, I went out to lunch by myself – no point in heading all the way back to Ellicott.  I had a sandwich at Border’s and read a couple of magazines, yes, knitting magazines. OK, I never promised not to pick up an occasional new mag, LOL:) LOTs cheaper than books and entire subscriptions (although one could rationalize that the subscription is cheaper in the long run, if slower than the newsstands). The two pictured here are completely new to me: Verena (which I understand has been in the making for a while, but recently made it to the stands in its “premier issue.”) and A Needle Pulling Thread – a Canadian magazine featuring all sorts of needlework -including knitting, crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, and quilting.  If this first edition of Verena is any indication, the magazine should do very well – quite a large number of patterns.  A bit disappointing in that most were not for the larger sizes, but it is a summer issue, so I’m reserving judgment.  A Needle Pulling Thread was rather nice.  Even if you’re not a quilter, perusing some of the prize winners in one of the articles was a very pleasant experience – and another way of looking at color combinations for knitting projects. There were some lovely cross stitch patterns – three featuring fairies – gotta tell Pheelya about this one!

Couldn’t do a walk today, since after court was a meeting at DSS with a client and her foster/pre-adoptive mom.  By the time I got home it was almost 5:00.  I cooked dinner for a change – bad idea – it didn’t turn out well (sorry, John!)

Tomorrow morning I’m babysitting the grandkids so D can get some sleep and the other D can get to work.  John will be home and we’ll all have breakfast together.  That should be fun:)

Sunday is choir and then we are having dinner at D and D’s new house.  Whoo hoo No cooking!

Here’s a pic or two of the Colin’s Bavarian Twist Sock – I’ve finished 3 of the first 6 pattern repeats.

Then it’s back to the green scarf and the Goddessknits Anniversary Shawl Along!



4 thoughts on “Well…..

  1. Ah, but it’s a great kind of busy – the relatively stress free kind. I’m very lucky – as I imagine you are – in that the granddaughters are really very well behaved (give or take the occasional brouhaha, LOL).
    And there are often some funny results as you know when a child with autism is queried about something (naughty) he or she has done: they just cannot lie. But they can say things like “I don’t want to answer you.” After raising their far more ornery parents, this is hilarious! (Hey, what can I say? The glass is half full)

  2. Busy busy person you are… Enjoy the calming moments – be they busy or quiet.

    Don’t you love each child for their unique-ness – autism just adds a different and distinctive twist on being unique. Love the response. B just doesn’t say anything at all – (I don’t hear you). Just missing the fingers in the ears and the la-la-la-la.

    Those hi A’s will get most of us every time, won’t they. Hallelujah Chorus’ “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” got me too!


  3. I’m glad that real life differs from TV as far as how lawyers get along. You are a hero to me since you get kids away from evil/abusive parents.

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