Knitting and Ethics

OK, this is going to sound weird.  But I am feeling terribly guilty.  Really.  Seriously. I think having a lot of yarn around is an indication of immaturity and a nonsensical waste of resources.  There.  I’ve said it.  As a result I have been easing toward a position I don’t think my LYS’s will be happy about.  But as Martin Luther said, God help me, I can do no other (oh boy – now you’ll be thinking I’m trivializing Martin Luther – but I’m really not.  Really.)


This is silly.  I’m a grown woman. With responsibilities.  It’s time to get a GRIP!!!

Seriously, I’m not joking.  I know you hear a lot about knitters having 8.5 gazillion projects pending and we all sort of chuckle.  And believe me, I’m not saying we all shouldn’t enjoy ourselves in a hobby/craft that unites so many of us in this technology-coccooning impersonal isolated existence we all seem to be hurtling towards at breakneck speed.  But good Lord! THIS is not what I envisioned five years ago when I started taking up knitting again.

Granted, it’s helpful to me to pick up a different project now and again to keep things interesting.  Nothing wrong in that – but 48*? Nope. So here I begin the year of really seriously intentionally knitting from my stash and finishing my projects and making sure that at least half of what I finish is for someone other than me.

On another note, today started with a walk with Nancy.  It took my fat butt forEVER to get around the lake, but that’s ok, I’m going to keep on doing my best.  Nancy would have gone around twice in the time it took me, but even with that, I know it helped her and that is terrific.  After finishing, running home to get a shower, I then went for the annual (sort of) mammogram thingie. Not a lot of fun, but not the horror you often hear about (except for the poor technician, LOL!).

I spent the afternoon returning phone calls and prepping for tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.  Tomorrow is an exceptions hearing and Thursday and Friday are the regular dockets and I am there morning and afternoon! And, since I’m covering for the other attorneys who are on vacation this week, the dockets are going to be busy! I’m actually very happy to cover those hearings, since my colleagues are so wonderful about doing the same for me.  Did I tell you I love my job? Believe it!

Tomorrow after court, I’ve got a visit with two young clients, then an emergency meeting about another one, then, if I’m lucky, I’m going to tackle that walk around the lake again – this time armed with water:)

This evening, I’m going to work on the light green scarf pictured above (in basketweave stitch), finally get started on Colin’s Bavarian Twist Sock Pattern, with an Andersson Heel and if i have time, on the Goddessknits Anniversary Mystery Shawl.  That oughta keep me out of trouble:)+


* this was the last time I dared to count – and it’s according to what i’ve posted on Ravelry, more or less!


4 thoughts on “Knitting and Ethics

  1. I admire your fortitude. I have no problem giving up magazines (future blathering on that over on my blog)…not buying yarn & books, much, much harder. I have a system (sort of). I’ll share it over there sometime this week.

    I also admire your fortitude for walking for exercise. I don’t like ‘the e word’.

  2. You will feel better when you knock some of those UFOs down. Just do me a favor…if you started it and you put it down because you didn’t like it…Frogg it! Save the yarn and find a new project that will make you happy.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a wonderful,caring person who does so much for others. Knitting is a gift you give yourself and it’s harmless in the scheme of things. want to knock off some UFOs and stash. I get it. But give yourself a break!

    Congrats on the exercise! I think we all need to master walking and knitting- then we would want to walk! Now that’s a class to take at Stitches! We could call it….”socks on the move” “mittens by the mile” “hats will roll” :0)

  3. Wow – thanks for the comments, friends;)
    Amber – I’m going to check your blog and see what your system is – I’m for anything at this point. Note also that I did not say I would not purchase knitting magazines or yarn to complete an already ongoing project:) (See the post for Friday – YIKES) I detest exercise, but walking with Nancy makes it relatively painless (well, not when my knees and hips start stiffening up) because the conversation keeps me going and I laugh a lot:) If it weren’t for her, I don’t know how well I’d do. So, my advice, find a buddy who gets you away from the stress of your day, LOL!

    Indigo – I hear your frustration – John hasn’t been very upset about it, bless his heart, but I don’t want to get to that point. I’m serious about knitting with Doug – he could also come to our Sip ‘n Knit. There’s at least one other man who knits with us his blog is at I know you both would like him! Doug might also want to join and there he would have access to a LOT of patterns for which to use that yarn!
    Looking forward to seeing you in choir and bell choir, my friend:)!

    Denise, you are so kind. Thanks for your words. They came at a time when I was feeling particularly down on myself and the timing could not have been better! The Lord works in mysterious ways, right? Your advice is always golden and I will take it:)!
    Now if I could just knit and walk – or chew gum and walk – or…..:)

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