Swollen feet, creaking joints, hint of sunburn and a blister on my drumming finger

And I’m in hog heaven, if a little stiff.  Just got back from a sweaty walk through Laurel Maryland with the West Laurel Rag Tag Band.  I didn’t think I’d make it to the parade, but I did – played the snare drum and sweat my buns off – and that’s a LOT of sweating – but it wasn’t nearly as hot as it could have been – thank you clouds and early morning rain – but it was a bit, shall we say? steamy?

Ironically, one of the marches we played was to the tune of This Land is Your Land  Woody Guthrie and marching simply just don’t go together, LOL! But it was nice to hear the tune! Afterwards, one of the five Stevick sibs had a lovely barbecue in their yard and invited all of us with our families.  Unfortunately, John was still sleeping, since he works graveyard shift, but I did get to sit and chat with Tom C and his wife Ann, who is into all sorts of fiber trouble – including quilting, that art that so far has escaped my clutches.  I keep threatening to take one of her classes and someday, by George, I will!

Not much is new, obviously, since I last posted, but as I sit here in the cool air conditioning of our living room, I am happy it’s all over.  But I’ll probably do it again next year:)

Well, Clue 4 has posted for the Goddessknits Anniversary Shawl – and it’s up to 576 stitches per round, so I’d better get moving if I’ll ever keep up:)!

Then, it’s going to be time to visit some clients. Then we are babysitting the grandkids, so our six and their significant others can enjoy an evening of Karaoke in honor of our oldest’s pending birthday.

Come to think of it, I’d better take a nap…….+


2 thoughts on “Swollen feet, creaking joints, hint of sunburn and a blister on my drumming finger

  1. I got to babysit last week for a day and a half and one evening–not consecutive. Just one child this time, but 14 months is such fun.

    I’m glad your weekend was so much fun.

  2. The grandparent thing is fun, isn’t it? I find I have WAY more patience with my grandchildren – probably because (1) I’m not dealing with the day in-day out stuff and (2) one does mature, despite all outward appearances to the contrary!
    Take care and hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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