Oh dear – where do I begin?

It’s been well over a week since last i posted.  And what a time it has been.  Let’s see, last week? Hmmm. Diane (from choir) came home from the hospital and we all started a rotation with her so she would not be alone after her surgery.  She has done beautifully!  I spent Tuesday evening and night and part of the Wednesday with her.  In contrast to last year’s surgery, this knee healed quickly. Unfortunately, I did not sleep very well – it’s always hard away from one’s own bed, I don’t care if it’s in a hospital or a hotel, there’s nothing like your own pillow. 

Well, we did have a lot of fun watching the Vicar of Dibley:) That show never ceases to make me laugh.

The next day, I had a visit to do and then a return to lunch with Diane until reinforcements arrived.  Then home.  I had about an hour there, then off to St. John’s to rendezvous for our carpool to the dress rehearsal at the Washington National Cathedral.  Our new bishop was to be consecrated Saturday the 28th.  The director was a very kind man.  There were a total of about 300 of us, give or take. Even one piece, which I had some doubts about, sounded amazing with the wonderful musicians accompanying all of us.  My favorite piece was the Psalm 40 – with an African drumbeat in the background, while we sang a syncopated rhythm of the Psalm response, and the Cathedral Choir sang the verses in chant, while we hummed our last chord.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  One happy surprise was meeting up with a former colleague of mine from the Domestic Violence Center, Tim W., singing with his parish,  Grace Episcopal.  We met our new Bishop, Gene Sutton and his wife, who were delightful.  By the time I got home that night, I was exhausted. Next day was court in the afternoon, for which I was eternally grateful!:) Friday was a fairly quiet day spent catching up on a million and a half phone messages and prepping for next week.

Saturday – well that was another story:)! We all met again at St. John’s at about 6:15 and by 6:35 we were on the road to Washington and the National Cathedral.  It was an exciting time.  The joy in the air was palpable.  We non-professional choristers sang from behind the altar; the Cathedral Choir in the choir loft over the main entrance (about a city block away, LOL!)  There’s  a link to the service here Musically, it’s really quite something, whatever your religious beliefs – or lack thereof as the case may be:)

Sunday, John and I (yes John AND I!!!) went to church for the late service.  I went up to the choir loft and much to my dismay, learned I was the only one up there (besides Nancy, of course!) Never was I happier for a very loud organ! John came upstairs after communion and sat with us.  After church, John went home and Nancy and I went to visit Diane – and we had a blast! Next thing I knew it was 6:00! Omygosh – my entire family was home waiting for dinner (John barbecued steaks on the grill – hmmm maybe I should do that more often (NOT!).  By that time Rennie was on his way up to have supper with them, but I had to hightail it home. 

Monday was a long day of court after Sunday night spent with the granddarlings overnight while their Mommy and Daddy packed up their house.  Monday, they moved in and they are already up and running!  I can’t wait to go visit them. They must be so happy!

Yesterday was another full day at the courthouse with a break mid-day to read, knit and prep for the afternoon.  After that hearing, I headed home, and while checking vmail, found one from Nancy.  So we went walking – not the full round the lake walk, but a good 30 minutes.  It was wonderful to get some exercise!

Today was another mediation, then a quick visit to prep for tomorrow’s hearing, and a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.  Living in Merlin, one often forgets how close we really are to the nation’s capital.  Sonny’s father, Gary, was a Vietnam Vet, so he was buried with full military honors.  It’s been a year since he died, but he had donated his body to science.  Once they were done, the body could finally be buried.  The pictures you see here are from the Arlington National Cemetery’s website.  I did not take my camera along – although I should have!

You often see military burials on TV, in the movies, but really being there was a very moving expeience.  The chaplain who provided the prayer and the brief words about Sonny’s Dad, was very good at what he did.  There was a casket contingent, a 21-gun salute, and a lone bugle playing “Taps” from another corner of the cemetery, and finally the traditional folding of the American flag, presentation to Sonny’s Mom.  A woman from a women’s group, gave her a card and was escorted out. You would have thought it was the only burial they ever did – that’s how respectful and considerate these young people were. It had to be hard for the family going through all of this again, but it did provide them with a certain degree of closure. K and S and John and I had a quick lunch at home and they went off to be with Sonny’s family for the balance of the day. I fell asleep at about 6:30 and woke up at 10, thereby missing my Wednesday night knitting group yet AGAIN!!!! Darn!  But I did learn that one of the mediators at the courthouse is a knitter and her partner is on ravelry – so how bad can that be?

 Remember that Goddessknits Anniversary Shawl knitalong?  Well, I’ve knitted – and frogged – that thing in three different yarns now and I’ve finally figured out that I’m not ready for those really thin laceweight yarns for this project anyway – so I took a few balls of Nicole by Adrienne Vitadini – a nylon/acrylic blend that is somewhere between fingering and sport weight and it’s actually finally working out well.  Stitch markers have helped a whole big bunch, too – DUH! Well, I’m caught up with today.  I have one hearing tomorrow and, weather and other things permitting, am hoping to get a walk in the afternoon.


4 thoughts on “Oh dear – where do I begin?

  1. What an interesting post and what a busy week! Mine have been fairly quiet lately.

    I am relieved, however, to find out that I’m not the only one struggling with laceweight. Right now I’m avoiding the shawl I’m trying. Perhaps I should try the same pattern in fingering weight. I can’t even seem to count the stitches correctly.

  2. Love the shawl. I really like how crazy they look until they are all blocked.

    My Uncle Clyde had a military funeral. The only Marines available in the area were Marine Corps reserves. It didn’t matter. Those kids and their commander were absolutely amazing. Bugler didn’t miss a note. Perfect 21-gun salute. And both before and after, nothing but respectful behavior. It really is/was a moving ceremony.

  3. What you don’t see in an Arlington funeral is, after everyone leaves, the guard at the site does a final salute to the veteran. Mom had dad’s funeral taped and sent me a copy – that was the final bit for me. I wasn’t there as I’d had surgery and was discharged the day of the services.

    Enjoy the 4th!

  4. Jane, I was having the exact same problems – and using jump rings with a gap which was so frustrating because the yarn would just slip through the rings – so much for stitch markers, LOL!
    Amber – thanks for your comments – it was really moving – I had seen bits and pieces of these things on TV, in the movies, but in its entirety, it’s really something. A Denver reporter named Jim Sheeler recently wrote a book called Final Salute about military personnel who must bring the terrible news to the family of fallen soldiers. A link to a New York Times review can be found here:

    It’s really amazing what they will do for the families of their fallen comrades. I’d like to go one step further – bring them home alive:)
    Gail, I didn’t realize that about the final salute – Perhaps that is the origin of Mr. Sheeler’s book’s title. It doesn’t surprise me one bit given what little I saw. I’m so sorry you missed your dad’s funeral.
    Happy 4th to all of you!

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