OK, Let’s try this again….

I started the Mystery Lace 1 thingie again – don’t know that I did any better this time, but at least it was all done with a single strand, LOL:)  The greener one is more accurate as far as the color goes, but it’s really hard to see the true pattern, because I could not find a way to stretch it out properly.  Oh well, at least one cannot see the mistakes either! I put a little ruler next to it to give the view a sense of how small it is right now. I’m using the Fiddlesticks Zephyr wool/silk mix yarn with size three needles – a bit small than that called for by the pattern, but I like it better.  Oh well, maybe it will be a nice little scarf, LOL!

Today was a fairly quiet day – not much to do.  I kept thinking it was monday and did not go into the office as i was supposed to – darn! Well, if I get everything in first thing in the morning it should be OK.  Court is almost non-existent this week – a good thing because there’s so much to do to prepare for my week off.  So tomorrow will be at the office, then visits, then something I cannot mention with the choir (that sound awful, but trust me, it isn’t!)

I’m going to leave you with this week’s funky horoscope by Bob Brezsny:

I’m already feeling nauseous!

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Maybe you’ve conceived a child at some
time in your life. Maybe you never have or never will. Whatever the case,
even if you’re a man, I invite you to visualize the experience. Imagine that
a force of nature has germinated, and that you are carrying another life
within you. Try to approximate the uncanny twinge that a pregnant
woman senses when her fetus first moves. This exercise will be a
simulation of and rehearsal for the psychic quickening you will soon enjoy.


2 thoughts on “OK, Let’s try this again….

  1. This horoscope you pasted in your blog is written by Rob Brezny. Not crediting him as the author is illegal and wrong. Either cite your source with a link to where you took it, or do not include it in your blog.

  2. Actually it’s Bob Breszny and it’s already corrected. My previous posts where I include a horoscope do credit him and I rushed through my post yesterday. Not good! DOH! Thank you for calling that to my attention so thoughtfully:)

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