More lace and entrelac

Of course it’s not like I have 8,423 more projects awaiting me – so sure, why not start some new ones (DOH!) This one’s a little blurry, but it’s pretty accurate as far as color goes.  I’ve made a little progress.  Those little Noro balls go pretty far – I have about a third of the first skein left.  I might need one or two more, but I think I can swing that – might even do it in a related color scheme to keep it interesting.

I also did the first clue again on the Lace Mystery KAL thingie in the pale green Fiddlesticks Zephyr shown in yesterday’s post.  I did a little cheat – doubled the strand for the first ten or so rows.  It made the piece a little heavier on the bottom.  The light weight of the yarn was driving me stark raving mad.  I like it – who knows if it will be all that noticeable at the end.  So far, the pattern is interesting.

This is a beautiful Saturday for a holiday weekend.  So far it’s not too hot, but the sun is shining, the yard is lush with green and there’s not a cloud in the sky  – a perfect day for the beach and a cookout!  I most likely will not be doing that today – John’s workkng – but today is a special day.  It’s our youngest daughter’s birthday.  Strangely enough the day she was born was also the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  We were living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and John and I had to drive from St. Michaels to Towson – my docs were at St. Joseph’s hospital and I as in my ninth month when we moved.  Wild times that year, wild times.  Our lives have changed so much since then, hopefully for the better. Now she’s talking about going to law school – that would be amazing! Happy Birthday, Joey!+


2 thoughts on “More lace and entrelac

  1. Thanks, Indigo – I am eating all the wrong foods (AND a lot of the right ones) and having far too much red wine, but enjoying myself nonetheless. Hope you and Doug are enjoying this beautiful Maryland weather! I know Thistle is!
    See you Wed for that extra practice we can’t talk about online, LOL!
    Take care,

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