Let me ‘splain myself….

As if I could, LOL!  Anyway, I transfered the bulk of my blog (and an earlier LiveJournal blog) to this site because my family was not happy with my posting too much of a personal nature about them.  So, rather than offend them further (which certainly was not my intent), I deleted the old blogger blog and kept the entries up to April 29, 2008 – a little over four years of blogging, counting the earlier LJ blog.  Not too shabby:)

Anyway, you’re not going to hear any last names or see pics of people unless I have their permission – much of this will be my venting on some topic or other and keeping my usual diary type stuff. 

And of course the knitting. And the music and the fact that I am nuts:)

So this post is going to be a pictorial about knitting – just to catch up. I’ll have more in the days to come.  I may even move to another blogging program.  We’ll see:)

Take care+


2 thoughts on “Let me ‘splain myself….

  1. Found you. Looking forward to reading the new stuff – and fixing the rapid scrolling this computer loves to do on wordpress blogs. I will triumph – maybe.

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