Happy Birthdays

Two of our six children are almost four years apart – save one day. Dori turned 4 the day after Danny was born. And now she is 29 (yes, no lie) and he is 25. It amazes me how time flies and the older I get, the faster it goes. Dori was our second child and labor and delivery were a walk in the park in contrast to that of her older sister. Danny’s was somewhat similar, even though I had bronchitis and was a service patient attending their prenatal clinic (so I couldn’t afford to get the bronchitis taken care of – just had to deal with coughing in the middle of trying to do the LaMaze breathing). With Danny, even though we were poor as dirt, I had FUN. I really did. OK, labor is never really fun, but I was an old hand by the time number 4 came around. The docs I had been seeing were all doing their internships and were all about my age (ironically, I was then Dori’s now-current age when Danny was born – 29). I really liked the pediatrician, too. And the nursing staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Towson were just wonderful. They never treated me any differently than the patients with money/insurance. I even enjoyed my roommate in the hospital – another ironic coincidence now that I think of it – her name was Dorothy (Dori’s real name) and she also had a Danny, LOL! John had lost his job through no fault of his own, I might add, and promptly got another one that paid about $10K less. We had insurance, but there was that lovely 3-month period before it applied and of course I was already 7 months preggers when he lost the previous job. So of course I got right out there and got a job – NOT. It was 1983 and my chances of landing an entry level job somewhere at 7 months gone was slim to none – and you know where slim went.
So we worried. I babysat to help pay for groceries and after Danny was born, a really nice social worker at the clinic told me about WIC – a program for nutritional food for poor women administered by the USDA (dept of agriculture). John was not happy that we qualified for it – he was, after all, working hard to support 6 people, but I figured I could not let pride get in the way of healthy children. My friend, Susan a/k/a “Charlie” (her son, Steven, was in Kristin’s class in Kindergarten) was on WIC at that point, so she showed me the ropes and we both were able to sign for each other and pick up vouchers – something for which I will ever be indebted to her. Susan no longer goes by Charlie. Her kids, like mine, are grown and doing very well and she, like me, is no longer a “housewife” dependent on the income of her spouse. Unlike me, she has overcome huge obstacles and has not only overcome them, but surpassed them with grace and a spirit of strength, and adventure! She has had two careers and now works in the wilds of Virginia, where she met her current husband. It is one of the blessings of my life that we have reconnected. Her kids are so cool – and so is she:)
It’s funny – I remember those times. Though I thought I had the weight of the world on my shoulders – and the disapproval of about everyone except my friends from church,LOL – I really had a good time. It seems like I had boundless energy then. I was up at night for feedings, up early to get the kids off to school and to be there for my babysitting charges, walked to the playground with the twin stroller and a baby napsack thingie, made lunch, got everyone (HAH) down for naps, cleaned the house, did the wash, got everyone up, changed diapers if needed, did dinner, got everyone to bed, then stayed up late just to have some time to myself. I never really felt tired!
BTW, Danny was born on Earth Day, so I always wish him a Happy B(earth)day:), some 25 years fast forward, I am babysitting Dori’s kids, the grandangels, whilst she and Donald go out to dinner.
Before I go, just to catch up: things have been very quiet on the work front. One of the Masters is on vacation, so the dockets have been very light. No worry – things will begin to pick up soon. In the meantime, I’ve gotten myself somewhat organized today – at least I know HOW behind I am and it’s not as bad as I thought. Tomorrow, I am tackling a pile of those to-dos and will be visiting a client to get her consent to adoption signed (one of my happier tasks in this line of work). Last night was bell practice – challenging but good fun. Barry was happy that I made him “famous.” Famous? I could post the nation’s nuclear secrets on this thing and my country would be safe! Monday was court in the morning and then John and I went to lunch at The Candle Light Inn. Research. For the family dinner the night before the wedding. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. Actually it was rather nice. We don’t get to do a lot together, so this was really fun. I actually was a fairly good Do-Bee. Had their chicken salad plate – very good, fresh veggies and fruit. John had a crab cake (hey someone’s gotta sample the local fare!). We’re going to take our out-of-town relatives out for dinner because the rehearsal dinner is going to be Thursday instead of Friday. The kids will be fixing up the tables at the VFW in preparation of the reception. I feel like a negligent Mom who should be there with them, but hey, what can I say – don’t you hate when that happens?
On the knitting front, I’ve been plugging away at the Hemlock Ring Blanket and it’s slow going, but therapeutic and absolves all guilt while one is watching trash TV:) I’m rather shamefacedly admitting to rewarding myself by starting (from my stash of course!) the Cardigan for Arwen by Kate Gilbert. I have the Interweave Knits issue, so I’m good to go. The only thing I’ll need to buy is a zipper later, but that’s not going to be any time soon. I have become obsessed with this pattern – probably because of the cabling and the possible crossover between formal and informal. I’m going to make it in a red (gasp!) acrylic. A brick red acrylic. And if anybody would care to join me, I’d be happy to pick up where the last KAL left off – I’ve even lifted the button because I’ve become so enamored of this pattern. But don’t worry – no bandwidth stealing here. It’s not going to send you anywhere!

Well, I gotta go – there appears to be potential property damage brewing in the playroom, er dining room, er playroom…..

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