Progress, a little, but progress

This is the view that greets me as I sit down to my desk this morning and look out into the beauty that is nature…… And this is the view as I look down at my desk. Talk about a study in contrasts!

Well, the good news is, I have a little time before I have to get going. A colleague graciously agreed to cover a hearing for me this morning – it’s a rescission (case closing), and there is no disagreement, so it’s basically a no-brainer. She has to be there anyway and it’s the only thing I have this a.m., so it makes sense for her to cover it. This afternoon, I do have a couple of appointments, so I will have to get upstairs and hit the shower pretty soon. I

In the meantime, I cannot believe it is going to be 85 degrees (fahrenheit, NOT Celsius!) this afternoon. I am hoping to get a walk in. The O2 and sunshine are always a good combination and it takes my mind off carbs, LOL!

Let’s see, what happened yesterday? Really, not a lot, which is why I didn’t post. I had choir practice last night, did calls and work at the desk for most of the day, and that was that.

I have made a little progress on the Hemlock Ring knitalong lapblanket thingie. I’ve finished row 63 of the project – a little over half way in terms of width/length, but about 1/4 of the way in terms of knitting – especially when you think that the final rows will have 600 stitches in them! This morning, I decided to do a new life line and while doing that, figured it wouldn’t hurt to take it off the needles to check on my progress. Here are the results:

Obviously, it’s unblocked and therefore a little too “3D” to really show off the pattern. I’ve done now three levels of the increasing feather and fan pattern. It really works well as an extension of the original doily pattern. I wanted to get more of a close-up of how the feather and fan proceeds from the center pattern as if it were meant to do so. These pics and the lack of blocking really don’t do this pattern justice. At the knitting meetup Wednesday evening, I saw a lot of these done in the Cascade Ecological Wool. This is a fairly inexpensive option and it lends itself well to the pattern. I’m using Plymouth Encore Bulky in a brown tweed pattern. For my purposes, it’s fine. There’s no way I’m making an afghan for our den that isn’t machine washable, LOL!
Oh, one more thing: I’ve started a new webring called ChoralKnitters. For those of you who have joined the group on Ravelry, it won’t be anything new, but if you’d like to join, you are more than welcome. It’s for those knitters among us who love to sing – amateurs are as welcome as professionals (I should know – I am one – an amateur, that is!). Or it’s also for singers and other musicians – professional or amateur – who love fiber pursuits. Either way, anyone is welcome to join! Just click on the picture in the upper right hand section of this blog!
Well, I am off. thanks for stopping by:)
Have a lovely day, everyone!

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

13 thoughts on “Progress, a little, but progress

  1. Well…your office (inside and out) is looking a lot like my office (inside and out). And I’m with you, I’d rather be OUT!

    Even in 3-D, that blanket is gorgeous!

  2. Your desk looks much like my desk in school.
    The blanket looks wonderful. I look forward to seeing it when you have finished.

  3. thistle incarnates.

    greetings, my friend. i hope all is well. you are a kind friend and we are so greateful for your companionship. be well. blessed be.

  4. thanks – and thanks for coming with me to get coffee = and for the kind advice (as “mr. T”).
    Take care in all this rain!

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