Big Doin’s:)

The above are pics from Kristin and Sonny’s shower at Sonny’s church in Hyattsville. They were all so kind to us – treating us as guests of honor and decorating us with corsages and boutonnieres. They were very generous to Kristin and Sonny and a good time was had by all.
Made me realize how close that wedding is! Yikes:) Kristin is doing the wedding thing. It’ll actually be a lot of fun – once we get home cleaned up!
Since last I posted that silly shout out thingie to Panera, it’s been an action packed week, LOL:)
Saturday we practiced the Hadyn Mass with the strings and it sounded just glorious! Ron Mutchnik and his fellow musicians covered a multitude of our sins – sins, as it were of the amateurs. But we had a good time and when the time came to sing/play on Sunday, it went off very well. It’s hard to tell sometimes when you’re in the middle of the group singing, but people came up to us afterwards and sincerely complimented it. Nancy was having a blast – practically dancing and conducting at the same time. We really are lucky to have her – she’s got so many connections with musicians in the area. I often wonder if the congregation/vestry have any idea of what they have in her. Oh well.
Monday was a fairly quiet day – in fact this entire week has been fairly quiet in terms of work . I’ve had one hearing and the ones I have tomorrow and Friday are (1) a hearing I don’t need to attend and (2) a rescission that a colleague is covering for me. I really don’t know how to act. I should probably catch up on paperwork and making sure my calendar is up to date.
I have been doing a little bit of knitting – not a lot, just a little. I’m posting pics of the Hemlock Ring Blanket I started Saturday (couldn’t make it to the KAL launch meeting – had rehearsal – so I started it on my own.) In one of the pictures is a stitch marker that LynnZ, one of the admins for the Meetup, makes. I’m also working on Dori’s sweater. I don’t think it’ll be done in time for her birthday, but I’ll come close:) She’s a very tall person, so it’s going to take a little longer, although the pattern is simple and knits up quickly.
Here in Merlin, it really is turning to spring. I’m sneezing my head off from the pollen, but it’s too nice outside to really care about that. Because my work schedule wasn’t too bad, I’ve been walking around Centennial Lake again with Nancy. Bless her heart, she is in such good shape physically, but she walks with me anyway, even though I must hold her back sometimes with my arthritic hip and wart-infested toe (no, I don’t have a hunchback – sanctuary, sanctuary….).
Well, this evening is another knitting meetup at Panera. Hopefully I’ll remember that my butt belongs on the seat not the floor!

2 thoughts on “Big Doin’s:)

  1. OH – have a great time! Weddings can really be a blast. My favorite part is seeing all the family again. I have friends for whom that is NOT the favorite part. They prefer the booze, LOL:)
    Either way, they’re fun!
    Take care

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