Dom Helder Camara

For the past four or five years, I have been searching all my books for the first poem below. It spoke so much to me of all the creative people I’ve known over the years – people who don’t necessarily live the kinds of lives most of us have to, people who have had to live lives most of us would not necessarily want to live. Yet they have all given us so much.

I forwarded the poems to a friend today. It’s her birthday and she, like me, tends toward liberal theology. Many years ago, as a poor music major just about to graduate, I typed up and framed the first poem and gave it to Doc Fanning, my advisor at Middlebury (he’s now retired but very much in the area – I hear from a friend he’s into flying now – well, planes….). I wanted to express my gratitude to him for working with me on my senior thesis. He was a very good and extremely brilliant man. I hope life is good for him and his wife, Diana – also a very talented woman.

When on judgment day
the angels call the artists in,
they will be so proud
of their share
in God the Father’s power
of creation,
that the Son will find it hard
to judge them strictly,
because poets especially
remind him of his Father.

In te speravi semper
This speaker was not born
within your fold,
supported by your grace
held, fast, never
to turn from you his face.

Hear the voice
of those who in all honesty
feel bound to choose
the cold
outside your house.

Nevertheless, they still believe in you,
although they may not know it,
for are you not the truth?
And these people both speak it
and (in your own phrase) do it.

You are beauty
and pure eyes remaining childlike
still look
on your earth’s loveliness.

You are goodness
and I find
you in people who do not confess you;
They lack your body
but speak your mind

I just love the last two lines above. “They lack your body, but speak your mind.” Hmmmmmm.

On the Needles, have finished that blue lace tank top and will give it away tomorrow. Next is a sweater T for Dori and more work on Kristin’s Falling Leaves wrap:)
Tomorrow morning is an extra choir prax – we’re working on a Haydn “Missa Brevis.” I guess it’s like the Reader’s Digest version?LOL
This evening, John didn’t have to go to the Center Club, so he went with S to help her get the registration done on the car she bought today. It’s a cute little Civic. Hopefully it’s a safe little Civic. She’s not really driving it until we get the insurance done on Monday, but she’s glad to have something to get her to school and work now that the van is kaputt.

Good night!

6 thoughts on “Dom Helder Camara

  1. Hi, this is Java, a friend of Indigo’s. Halo manifested, he is in a bad way. He needs to cut. Are you aware that he cut this morning at church? He started to, but was interrupted. He feels like he needs to make up for 2 months of not cutting. Indigo told me Halo wants to do 2 months worth of cutting. I wish I had your email or phone, to get ahold of you. I told Halo to call you. If you want, follow my link to my profile page. My email is on my profile page. Email me.

  2. We’re okay again. Halo cut, but not badly enough to need stitches. It was just a bad day. But it’s done now. It’s not a healthy form of release, but we always feel better afterwards. It’s okay now. It will probably be a long time before Halo needs to inflict self-injury again. Thanks for being my friend. 🙂

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