The week ain’t over yet!

And I am glad of that as I rapidly approach the finish line for the linen Lace Tank Top from last summer’s Vogue Knitting. I did make one major change – not too lacy for the front/top. The recipient I think will appreciate that (or at least I hope so).

I decided to use a knit/purl pattern of triangles and then solid garter/stockinette alternations, which result in a more solid fabric – not as lacy or fancy perhaps, but more likely to be worn by the recipient in public, LOL!
The good news is linen is a wonderful fabric to wear in the summer. And with the lace pattern, one needn’t worry so much about the wrinkles that always seem to accompany solid linen fabric in the summertime. Of course, this will need ironing, but with increased use will come increased softness and wearability, so I think the birthday girl will like it. It took so little time, I’m actually somewhat amazed myself:)
Textillian made some excellent observations about Cotton Fleece in one of his comments. It does knit up like a dream, it’s soft and it won’t be too heavy even for a summer wrap with a wedding gown (or with something else). I’m really really enjoying Lucy Neatby’s Falling Leaves Scarf pattern and it is really knitting up fairly quickly. You can keep increasing until it’s the width you want, so you can do a scarf, a
wrap or a shawl if you really want to go crazy with it. And the pattern is really lovely. As you can see, the “wrong side” looks just as pretty as the “right side.” I challenge you to figure out
which is which. And that’s the way a scarf or wrap really ought to be.
Well, I better get going. As I said, the week is not over yet. I have two more hearings tomorrow morning and need to visit four or five clients before 7:30 choir practice. The good news is, this weekend will be a lot of singing – we’re having an extra rehearsal for a special service in mid-April and I need all the help I can get, so I’m going.

Before I get back to work, thanks to all of you who are keeping good thoughts and prayers for Dori as she gets the tests done. Hopefully we’ll see the end of what has become years of suffering for her. No word yet, but I’ll update.
OK, back to work I go!
PS UPDATE: the most recent tests do not show problems, so now we wait for the and other tests to come back……+

One thought on “The week ain’t over yet!

  1. I hope your daughter is okay. I’ll be praying for her.

    I’m glad that Thistle got to hang out with you 🙂

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