I am so bad!

I’ve been sitting here at the computer, answering e-mails and phone calls, sending a few of my own, drafting a pleading, waiting for callbacks on visits I need to make today. While waiting, I started Lucy Neatby’s Falling Leaves Scarf. Only I think I’m going to have to do about 3 of them and sew or crochet them together because I’d like to make a shawl/wrap out of it for Kris’ wedding. Hopefully she won’t need it because it’s going to be in June and with global warming, June will be the new July, LOL! As you can see, the pattern is just flying by right now – after all when you start out with only four stitches on the needle, things should go quickly. The yarn is Brown Sheep Company’s Cotton Fleece and it knits up like a dream – unlike many cotton yarns – that’s because (oops) it’s got 20% Merino wool added in. Well, I guess that means I’d better not be sharing it with the No Sheep for You gang on Ravelry. One should read the label.
Well, today will be a couple of visits in anticipation of court tomorrow and then if I get those done in time, I will be knitting with my peeps over at the Columbia Sip and Knit group. We love to crowd the Borders folks who think they’re in a library, LOL!
Well, I’d better get going. Lots to do yet in my work day/evening!
Hope you all have a lovely one!
And if you think of it, send good thoughts toward my daughter, Dori. She’s having another test tomorrow to see where the bleeding is happening. Hopefully they will find something easily fixable.
Au revoir!


3 thoughts on “I am so bad!

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with your daughter.

    As for the Cotton Fleece, I love it, both for knitting and for weaving. I use the Cotton Fleece Fine for weaving baby blankets.

    The scarf looks great, and the Cotton Fleece is a good weight for year-round.

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