A short update before turning in

It’s late and I should be getting to bed. But I thought I should update a wee bit. Let’s see, Sunday evening was a lot of fun. Monday, was a late court day and a lot of running around getting ready for it (literally – I had to visit a client at St. Vincent’s before moseying on over to court.) While I was waiting in the hallway for court to begin and later for my cases to be called, I got a text message from Dan proposing that he and his sisters (and GF Casey) get together for a poker game at our house – and celebrate Madison’s birthday again (!). Texts flew around and it was settled – Dad and I would provide dinner, and then we’d have everyone who could make it over and indeed everyone did, save Kristin, who had to work that evening.
The next call was not so festive. John telephoned me from his cell phone and because I was out in the hallway, I picked up. He was with S, who had just skidded into a truck with our van. The van is probably no more – or close to it. Luckily no one was hurt – just some property damage. S called Dori, who works in police dispatch. The officers were very kind to her and to John, although the paramedic couldn’t figure out who this middle-aged guy was and gave John the once over apparently
Since my car needs some brakework and we all have to get around, John rented a car for the week. Luckily, S. has saved up a little bit and can hopefully afford a second hand car to get around. The brakes are already fixed, and hopefully we will afford the repairs – YIKES!
Anyway, by the time I got home from court, John had driven S. to and from her classes, and it was my turn to get dinner – so I went to KFC and bought it – what a great mommy I am, Rigghhhttt…. But look at this picture – only John can make KFC look like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens! I will never understand what that man sees in me.
The evening was nice. And I went to bed at 11 – S probably earlier as is understandable. The poker game continued past my bedtime and that’s…OK.
This morning, I thought I’d be able to prepare for the mooting of my oral argument this evening, but it was not to be. Instead we had a surprise shelter and I was up at bat, so off I went to court. Again. Then to the office, then a frantic dash to the city office only to be not as late as my supervisor (that was actually a good thing except he apparently had a fender bender on the way back from court. Well, it went… OK. I now realize what I have to do. I am no more confident today than I was yesterday, just a better idea of how it’s going to be. Oh well, they don’t promise this is going to be easy!
Immediately after being mooted (that sounds so strange but I don’t know the proper way to say it), it was off to bell choir where we learned a new piece – actually a couple of new pieces for me. The bell choir is about 1/3 to 1/4 the size of the adult (singing) choir (no, we don’t sing in the nude, LOL!). I think because of that we can get a lot more done with a lot more funning around – that is until we hit the limit of you-know-who – although she is pretty good-natured about that stuff.
I think I’m going to sit down and knit for just a little while. The last time I really got any knitting done was Saturday night at Diane’s house and I do have a deadline this weekend – and I’d like to get there in time. Monday is oral Argument at the CSA and I want to be organized and ready. At least that way, I may look like a moron, but dagnabbit, I’ll be an organized moron!
Bis Spaeter!

2 thoughts on “A short update before turning in

  1. OMG! I’m so glad no one was hurt – although the van has apparently not survived well.

    Take it easy and enjoy! The granddaughter looks like she enjoyed her special day!

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