Holy Holey Wholly

Today is not a big day workwise – and that’s a good thing, one, because I am babysitting the grandkids while Dori gets that endoscopy done and two, because we are getting ready for the high point of the Xian calendar at St. John’s. For me this means singing and ringing and trying not to screw it all up too badly -while the really talented ones – like Nancy and Barry and Drew and Mike and Donna and Sally and Diane – do the heavy lifting and remain fairly unappreciated – what else is new? Even with all that, this time of year still gives me a sense of awe – the central mysteries of the Christian faith always do – and the music composed by artists with that same reverence (or who know how to portray it, LOL) enhance that experience all the more.

My friend, Indigo, another one of our bell ringers, has a very hard time during Holy Week. He was seriously, in fact nearly fatally, abused as a child and remnants of his personality still believe he is at fault – not only for his own suffering, but for the suffering of others. I suppose it helps a child feel safe to think that he/she has some control over the random, gratuitous cruelty of caregivers. Would that it were so! So a child will believe he or she somehow caused the pain and suffering of others and therefore will avoid punishment with some form of self-inflicted expiation for a sin he or she never committed. There’s some of that thinking in most adults to varying degrees, I think. You can imagine that the Christian message of salvation, when twisted and perverted in the wrong hands, could do quite a job on the fragile psyche of such a person! Our conversations center around the fact that the suffering/death/resurrection of Jesus was a gift freely given and that the burdens Indigo carries (and never should have carried) can now be dropped. But how can he do that? I imagine giving control over even to a loving God must be a frightening prospect for one for whom almost all authority was frightening, evil and capricious.
Yet, the miracle of his life is that Indigo can love others – and God. The next miracle will be when he begins to love himself. There will be much rejoicing in Heaven then!
Back here on earth, I am looking forward to tonight’s service for Maundy Thursday, tomorrow’s for Good Friday (following an afternoon of court!), Saturday evening’s Easter Vigil (and the joyful ringing of bells by everyone in the congregation as we sing/say the Alleluia for the first time:)), then two services for Easter Sunday. I am really happy Kristin and Sonny are coming for the late service – then we’re going with some of the choir to brunch. Then home to do Sunday dinner with the entire family:).

Also speaking of “holey,” (sorry!) I’ve made some more progress on the blue surprise thingie and have actually figured out the next step in the process. It’s a pretty color and the cool thing about linen is it gets better with washing and ironing – at least I’m counting on that – as you can see in the picture, it’s obviously not yet blocked. I’m really enjoying making this. It’s a cute pattern and appropriate for summer (no kidding!) and although many complain that linen is hard to work with, I’m not finding that. I’ve even made a little bit of progress on that “traditional” knitted-on-double-points, cuff-down sock – it’s fun with that red – and the yarn is so soft, it’s a joy to work with.

Well, to finish up my theme for the day, so far, I’m wholly enjoying it. Would have liked to have walked yesterday or even today, but yesterday it rained and today it’s windy and cold. So, I guess I’ll just have to get some knitting done. Don’t you hate when that happens?

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Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

9 thoughts on “Holy Holey Wholly

  1. Dude(ette), I don’t know what else is new, but that title is a classic! Have a great day with the grandkids :).

  2. Hey Amber! How are you? It appears I published before I was through writing the entire post. But thanks,LOL!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Love the photos, hope the daughter’s endoscopy and colonoscopy reveal nothing serious or easily repaired.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!

  4. Thanks, Joan. 🙂

    You and Nancy have certainly helped me feel loved. Thanks for believibg in *all* of us. You’re such a wonderful friend. 🙂

  5. 1. what are you going to do do without your GPS?! (more a statement then question)
    2. of course you’re happy we’re coming Sunday!

  6. Gail – thank you for your kind thoughts! Happy Easter to you as well:)
    Kristin – well to what do I owe this honor??? As to your question/observation #1 sh*t if I know, mapquest for for now, saving up to get a new one.
    As to #2, no remarks necessary except it’s going to be 24 per person including tax and tip and I’m happy to split your costs, although I doubt Dad will be happy, LOL (just kidding – I asked him to join us, but he doesn’t want to. I swear he thinks I have a BF in choir- NOT!!!)

  7. Indigo-didn’t mean to pass over your comment. I know you get what i meant all too well. Thanks for being a good friend:)!
    Take care and see you tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday morning.

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