Ruby Tuesday

Well, not a lot new to report. Yesterday was spent at the courthouse. I had a quick morning docket and then to the bar library to work on my calendar, but I brought some diversionary activity (the top secret thingie I’ve been working on and the sock from Saturday. We’re not supposed to bring recording devices into the courthouse and the bar library is apparently no exception. But I did sneak a cellphone picture of the innards of my briefcase – one file, paperwork for hearings, a monthly calendar, a planner, a bunch of knitting magazines (most, I am proud to say, purchased at enormously reduced rates) and the aforesaid diversionary devices. I sat at a carel and knitted. Then went to lunch and back for the afternoon docket. Strangely, by the end of the day, I was ready to fall asleep! I don’t know why, but lately I just want to sleep. My body is probably saying “enough already, you’re an old lady.” But I suppose I keep telling it to f**k off.
As I was leaving court, I saw Nancy had called and retrieved her message – it was a beautiful day and why not walk? Indeed, why not? My little toe had been torturing me for a week; maybe there was some way to protect it and still walk. So, I wrapped it in gauze with medical tape, and squeezed it into my sneaker – and it worked! We made it around the lake in one go! Yes! I’m beginning to think this is more mental than physical health therapy because I am still happy as I type this this afternoon – albeit very sore (which means I walked differently or that the arthritis is getting meaner). In the midst of the walk, I got a phone call from DSS and a couple of text messages from one of my daughters asking me to pick up Chinese carry out. So, already, the day was looking good, LOL!
Unfortunately, when I got back, I realized that I had left my passenger side window open and my GPS device had been stolen. I felt so stupid – I’m not one of those idiots who leave my car unlocked in places like that, but I have to say I was grateful they hadn’t stolen my purse out of the trunk. Nancy felt badly because she had noticed the window was open and didn’t say anything. Poor thing, I think she felt worse than I did. If that’s the worst that happens, life will be good. Perhaps that’s too cavalier, but putting it into perspective, I just cannot get terribly worked up over it. The worst thing is, I’ll have to curtail my driving around in strange places in the dark. Oh well. I’ll have to save up another $300 bucks more or less if I want to replace it. Oh well. Nobody died. Nobody got hurt physically. I’m over it. But I did sleep – for twelve hours last night – from 8p to 8a!

This morning we babysat Ruby while her Mommy had an appointment at the GI doc. She’s been apparently bleeding internally for a year and it may be in a part of her body they can only getto at with some serious surgery. They are marveling that she’s out walking, driving, working.

Driving. Geez. She’s having endoscopy Thursday and colonoscopy Friday or next week, I think.

Keep yer fingers crossed.

On another note, I’m a Hilary for President kind of gal, but Barack O is definitely not a bad alternative as witnessed by his what I think will be considered an historic speech this morningi. If you missed it, a transcript can be found here. I sure hope those two work together after Democrat’s National Convention! (Sigh…)
Well, gotta get back to work – tons to do before bell prax tonight.+

Published by fuguestateknits

Wife of one, mother of six, Grammy to eight (so far) and lawyer for many young persons, I love to sing, read, knit and walk. My politics are somewhat left of Marx and I want to hear what you think, too!

3 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday

  1. Man! That totally sucks that your GPS got stolen! It wasn’t too expensive, was it? Urrrg. Damned junkie bums!

    The little munchkin in the pictures is so CUTE! 🙂

    See you at choir tonight!

  2. I cannot imagine what that’s like. The body I have is fat and slow, but it’s all together and at least I can sleep!
    Keep the faith – as Adam Clayton Powell used to say!

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