Sunshine is BACK!

I am taking a break from trying to untangle the mess that is my calendar for a brief posting (hmmm, is that like brief showers? Never mind). The weather is just beautiful today, and after I’m done with re-organizing the mess that is my desk (and calendar – see above), I’m going walking again!!! I’ll probably be in major pain because I’ve become such a marshmallow since last fall, but it’ll be fun. Got a call from Nancy this morning which gave me the incentive to go (guess I’m too much of a nerd to go walking alone any more). So sunshine is back in more ways than one:)
Tonight I’m going to see Diane and Alison E. sing and tomorrow is choir and then a quick trip to Charles Town to enjoy a concert of duets by Donna and a fellow who’s a friend of hers (actually I think it’s his concert and she’s the “other singer,” so to speak). I am in heaven (although my piggies will probably be in hell by this evening, LOL!) The really good news is, if I get dinner into the crock pots before I leave tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have dinner waiting for me and my family when I get back from the concert:) Whoo hoo!

OK, back to work! With any luck, I’ll have pics of the finished Hepburn sweater by Monday!!!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine is BACK!

  1. I’m glad that Nancy is such an inspiration to you. If Nancy was a character in my game, she’d be at least an 8th level Wishsinger with Faith 16, heh heh. 🙂

    She inspires me too — a lot!

  2. I think she inspires a lot of people. What else would a lifetime of talent, intelligence and service to others produce?

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