I am in the middle of what feels like an eating frenzy. Well not really – I’ll explain – but my intestines are very very mad at me, LOL. When one’s birthday falls on a Saturday, it seems that there’s far too much partying going on. And I so hate when that happens … NOT!

Right now I’m enjoying a glass of red wine – the one and only for the evening (well, maybe I’ll have one more, but that’s it – I can get into enough trouble without the booze. With it, I just repeat myself:)
The house is an utter disaster and I am frankly too tired to deal with picking up and doing dishes I’ve had no part in generating. But if I’m the good doobie I want to be, I’ll get up an hour early and do most of it in the morning.
Last night, I had a lovely time at Diane’s house. She made me a wonderful Tex-Mex meal. It was low-fat, not too many carbs and utterly delicious. Some people, like Diane, my DH and my DD, S, have that foodie gene. (Nancy has the health foodie gene, thank goodness!) And people like me reap the benefits. And I’m a bigggggger woman for it, LOL!:)
Dinner was lovely – Diane is a funny lady, a very talented singer and a very effective and loving retired teacher who still teaches – either with the children’s choir in our church or the children’s choir she works with part-time since her retirement. Her friend, Janie, came by after dinner and we had a terrific time. Janie is looking for work and she has so many talents, I cannot imagine her being jobless for long! With a special ed background, studies at Gallaudet in ASL, and experience at Kennedy Krieger, someone is bound to scarf her up soon – or people are dumber than I think!
And today my dear children (the ones who were in town – Joey’s snowboarding up in PA (EEEK) and John’s working both jobs tonight, poor guy) took me out to dinner, bringing the two grandkids as well and Elise a/k/a “L.B.” We went to a Japanese steakhouse type of place over in Ellicott City (Sakura??? – it’s in the Enchanted Forest Shopping Center). We all had a blast. Madison did very well with the sudden bursts of flame – we sat together in one corner of the table surrounding the grill, so she could retreat further from the table without disturbing a neighboring table. Poor Ruby was having trouble with her newly erupting teeth, so it was not an easy evening for her. But afterward, they came over to “Pop and Gram’s house” and Ruby was back to her old self. I’ll leave it to you to figure out why.
Both of them are so much fun. Madison is trying to figure out the world and we are getting a peek into her autistic-and-well-functioning-mind, while Ruby is learning the usual lessons of language and socialization. She was fascinated with a little girl about a year younger than she. Her first response – “she needs a bottle.” When the little toddler looked like she was going to cry, Ruby walked up to her and gave her a sweet little hug. The family was luckily very sweet and loving and seemed to get the same kick out of the interaction as we did.
What an embarassment of riches – a lovely dinner with friends, another one with my kids, flowers (beautiful tulips), a Sheryl Crow CD (Detours – it’s already on the iPod), and John Grisham’s The Appeal from John, a gift card from Kristin and Sonny, an Amy Winehouse CD (it’s got a Parental Advisory, so I’ll be sure to play it on the way to church tomorrow morning, LOL!) from Danny and a wonderful bottle of wine from his friend, Casey (sip sip); dinner from Betsy, a gift certificate from one of my favorite LYSs from Dori and Donald (courageously purchased by Donald on a workbreak – poor guy, will I ever doubt his fidelity to my daughter after this – as if I ever did, LOL). I just don’t know how to act.

Apparently Nancy tried calling in the midst of all this because she and Rennie were trying to make reservations for tomorrow night after the Bach Marathon at St. David’s. I couldn’t help but smile:) But right now the thought of one more dinner in a restaurant just. makes. me…….. EXTREMELY HAPPY, LOL!
Tomorrow morning I have bell choir for both services and then I’m heading (with knitting and anyone from choir who cares to join me in tow) to St. David’s Church for the Bach Marathon. Organists from all around are playing Bach and I’m not missing it this year. Of course Nancy is playing and I won’t miss one of her concerts unless I’m out of town. What can I say? I never screamed for the Beatles; this must be my frustrated adolescence calling me, LOL.
And yes, I said no more pics of the Katharine Hepburn sweater, but I couldn’t resist this partial pic of the first sleeve about 2/3 done. It’s slow going, but once done, I believe I will be happy with the result – hope the recipient is! (It won’t be doing her much good in the summer, so I better get cracking.)
On the very happy news front: our nephew Kenny’s wife, Maura, delivered their triplets on Monday – Morgan, Grayson and Rory: two girls and one boy and I haven’t yet figured out who’s who. But this means more knitting on my horizon:) Please keep them in your prayers if you feel so moved.
Well, it’s past 1 a.m. and I must be up by 6 to clean up and get ready for a long day full of music. Don’t you just hate when that happens?
G’night angels!+

10 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Is that your daughter in closest to the camera in the first three pictures? Or your daughter’s friend? I think I might recognize her. Or I might have the wrong person. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s one of my two daughters in that picture – the with the blond hair and the one next farthest away from the camera with the brown hair. The one farthest from the camera is a friend.
    How do you recognize her? I bet I can guess.

  3. Belated birthday wishes! Looks like you had a very good time. Madison looks beautiful. I was told once by a person who used to work with kids with autism, that those kids are usually better looking than other kids. I know it’s true for my grandkids!

    Does Madison use a text book or is she verbal? DGD has a book with laminated pages of pictures of different things (with the words printed too). If she finds Milk, her parent will ask “Do you want Milk?” and she will either sign or whisper milk.
    DGS with autism went to the boat show in Philly yesterday and soon learned red buttons = horn!

  4. jusmehere:) Betsy is indeed a Safeway person. She started there at 16 and has been working for them for ten years now – and has moved up to management. We are very proud of her accomplishments and hard work.
    Did you shop at Harpers Choice Village Center???

  5. Yes we did! We still do once in a while but have resorted to BJs for the bulk of the shopping since I have teenagers now. (pun intended. πŸ˜‰

  6. Gail – yes, Madison is verbal – very verbal, LOL – for which we are all of course very grateful. There was a time when her mommy said she thought Mads had lost some words, but that soon reversed itself. The medications, the one-on-one, understanding from family and teachers (an IEP!!!) all make for a much better life for her right now!
    Those talking machines are the best things they event invented, aren’t they? That is so cool about the red button – she must have a great sense of humor and now you’re going to really see it!:)

  7. jusmehere! Ah, good old BJs – we are such couponers that we tried it at first, but haven’t been back in a long time. A really good friend shops there. I’d check it out, but right now there are family loyalties….:)

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